Photo dump

It’s been a very long hiatus since my last post…5 months.

Lots has gone on, it’s been a very fun summer that needs a recap. We start with food.

What I ate created some amazing moments into memories

Mushroom taco, truffle fries and fish taco

Tacos were consumed twice this summer. The tacos pictured above are from Euston park, a container beer garden restaurant originating in Moncton, that expanded to the west canteen at Parlee Beach provincial park. These two very yummy tacos were had at the beach. I also consumed a beef taco worth its weight in gold from Euston park in Moncton.

Donut think I’m crazy…
Best neighbours ever!

I’ve eaten I cream of various flavours and in various forms.

Donuts and ice cream yum, donuts in ice cream heaven!
Halo donuts Moncton meets lost and found ice cream

I don’t know what I did to deserve a sample, but it was worth all the effort to ask. My wish came true! It’s not the first time I’ve asked. Another great collaboration between neighbours. Halo donuts and Lost and Found ice cream are my neighborhood favourites. I’ve eaten way to many donuts to count since October, 2020. I’ve eaten 11pints, one ice cream taco, 2 small scoops and my sample sized donut ice cream since April 2021.

My ice cream taco dream, turned reality
Beers to satisfy the thirsty

It’s been a foodie summer, filled with new memories and loads of laughter and love.



Words… (Trigger)

Words can be deeply felt. I was triggered by the word safe. A word that’s used mainly to reassure. In a split second this word threw me for a loop.

It’s with a foggy mind that this situation occurred. I was laying down and almost ready to settle in for the night. Suddenly the word safe came into mind. This is where I got freaked out, a split second later I was crying.

In this moment I had to let it all out. My body and mind were tired. I wasn’t feeling good or safe. I’m doing well and moved through it with grace. It’s extremely hard in this situation to pin point any further reason to the trigger.

Feeling Tired + not feeling well + not feeling safe = potential trigger possibility

In a split second you can be triggered. The hardest thing is to reach out, feel and move through a trigger. Some triggers can’t be dealt with quickly, some you’ll need more time with and some you’ll never quite understand. It’s ok to be anywhere on that continuum.

Know that we all have triggers! We all feel and move through them in our own ways and in our own time.



Here I am…

Welcome to 2021 after a blog hiatus . I can’t believe what 2020 was. It gave us a unique perspective.

What matters most came into focus, deeply rooted stuff came up and how we deal with it all was highlighted.

I start a new year with a keen focus on my intention…I’ll call it my core desire. September 2020 brought a unique chance for me to gather virtually with 4 amazing and inspiring humans who wanted to focus on their desires. I was part of a first…a virtual Goddess Gatherings.

I was part of Stephanie Johnston’s first in person event in Moncton, back in 2017. The synchronicity continued as I was part of her first virtual gathering. I found the deepest rooted desires came out of my Desire mapping experience.

Desire map by Danielle LaPorte is a method to find your deeply rooted desires and how to integrate them into your life. This is where and when I found my core desire WORTH(Y)! I know it’s technically 2 words, but they’re in the same family.

After the big hit to my being in 2020, I realized many things! The biggest thing was how my worth slipped, how my family focus became sharper and that my creativity didn’t need to take a back seat.

I took a sharp turn. I was reminded of this core desire

We are worth the work we put into ourselves, at the core this is where it starts



heart chop #charflew23

I’m going to share a bit more about my truth…

❤️ Harper, surprise attack of love ❤️

This was captured when I decided to sit on the kitchen floor at my brothers… my buddy Harper gave me kisses 😘

Having had a rough January mentally, it weighed heavy on me. I’m coming to a better state and February proved to be decent. I had 2 special things to celebrate and a surprise I didn’t see coming until the deed was done.

February is affairs of the heart, with Valentine’s Day right in the middle. On Valentine’s Day I did something liberating… I chopped off my long hair. On my own, no supervision.

Valentine’s chop

The story of my long hair starts March 2013, when I was bullied out of school. I had taken the bold move to get an early childhood education/ education assistant diploma. I was bullied by a then 19 year old and one of my teachers. I decided to start growing my hair and got my last trim in March 2014. Since then it’s been growing out. Until January 2019, I started to trim the ends slowly and did tiny trims until February 2020. That’s when I too longer chunks off. I reached a level of comfort and knew to stop. I don’t recommend chopping your own hair. I just got an urge to refresh and renew my spirit and soul.

Then it was time for Work Of Heart. https://www.workofheart.me

A day filled with community, friends and uplifting spirits. The biggest take away was to celebrate your average. Do what you do naturally and make it extraordinary. Things will happen if you let them flow to you and with you, in the now or present moment.

A post Work Of Heart contentment

Now it’s time to say thank you for what was and start fresh. A new month to do your best, be your best and just be!



Truth Talk (over me…)

BlogJam was a HUGE success and not only because of what I gave to it volunteering, but the amount of knowledge I took from it.

My posts are always intentionally curated, now more so than ever! I’ll spread some wisdom gained thanks to BlogJam. I’ll start with a Friday evening meet and greet.

A New Brunswick Bloggers meetup pre BlogJam conference, sporting my home apparel comfort.

Ruth Ann is one of my absolute favourite local social media people that I got a chance to get to know more of during the weekend.

One of my favourite areas in Nova Scotia is the south shore and this human is always spreading some south shore love.

My social media heart has grown fonder…this was just the start. I was caught in the act of being social and one with my media. That’s true social media.


TruthTalk (BlogJam)

I’m sending this out into the world, I’m brave, courageous, a willing partner in Fun and sharing. You’re mind is saying where am I going, what will I read.

This weekend (October 27/28) is about stretching out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m becoming aware of my talents and discovering who I really am. Social media is a huge part of how I communicate and bring people together. For the sake of sounding long winded, I love the connections made because of social media. Moments to memories!

This weekend I’m about to help put Moncton’s best foot forward by volunteering at BlogJam Atlantic. The last 3 years, it’s been in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve seen some of my Nova Scotia friends blossom thanks to this conference.

It’s my turn to jump feet first. Feet first because I’m not one to willingly throw an event myself, but I’m willing to work with others as a team to help an event succeed. I’m proud of Moncton. It’s the least I could do to help Moncton shine in the eyes of the organizing committee, all the speakers, attendees, and my fellow volunteers. We’ve got this, it’s time to get this started #BlogJam2018.


Purpose Journey to now

A purpose is a journey
Keep moving no matter how big or small

The last photo is significant, because I helped plant this tree when I was younger. This was an Arbor Day tree planted in my early years at Edith Cavell in Moncton, New Brunswick. . I see trees that have grown up with me and around me. I see boldness,colour, strength and nobility in this tree.

I was part of the first grade class to go through the entire school, grades 1 to 8. That was at the end of the 1980’s to mid 90’s. School was tough for me. Being diagnosed in grade 6 with ADHD and subsequently mental illness was hard on me. This was an early sign of what came out of it.

I’ve not regretted anything, learned lots of perseverance, grit and determination. Grades 7/8 were where I started the sporty side of me. Then in high school, was left in the lurch without any help. Those were the years I needed all the help. I’ve come out bruised (figuratively), a bit more aware, a whole lot more grateful and determined.

Life gives you glimpses from your past, that stand in your view as great reminders of the journey to now. Now is the time to renew, reflect and re orient. Keep moving through life, the best way you can.


What 3 weeks has taught me

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post…3 weeks of pure emotional rollercoaster. It’s been all over.

During this time period, I’ve been very quiet and reflective and that means the February blues set in. The shortest month of the year seems to be the longest. It always seems this way. Normal circumstances would have made it slightly more bearable, not this year.

I would be looking forward to valentines and other activities, 2020 was a rollercoaster that started in March. We’re coming up on a year since Corona Virus took hold and it hasn’t subsided in my area.

The last 3 weeks were pure joy, then we had to take a step back on the covid scale for 2 weeks. This is where things get derailed, it’s winter out there. The last time we had this type of setback was in the spring of 2020 when this journey started. The difference is I could go outside in my yard. The winter you can’t be in your yard.

This past week I went back to the same joyous place I went the night before our step back (Shediac). This time I went shopping, ate and visited the wharf. These are my joys. The second hand store and the wharf are my 2 main reasons to visit Shediac. If we eat or get take out on the wharf, it’s a bonus.

Be gentle, have grace and keep moving forward. No matter how fast or slow, get up and go!

Here’s a before and after…3 weeks apart. what a difference 3 weeks makes.

End of January Sea Slush
February 🥶 ice over.