Truth Talk (over me…)

BlogJam was a HUGE success and not only because of what I gave to it volunteering, but the amount of knowledge I took from it.

My posts are always intentionally curated, now more so than ever! I’ll spread some wisdom gained thanks to BlogJam. I’ll start with a Friday evening meet and greet.

A New Brunswick Bloggers meetup pre BlogJam conference, sporting my home apparel comfort.

Ruth Ann is one of my absolute favourite local social media people that I got a chance to get to know more of during the weekend.

One of my favourite areas in Nova Scotia is the south shore and this human is always spreading some south shore love.

My social media heart has grown fonder…this was just the start. I was caught in the act of being social and one with my media. That’s true social media.


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TruthTalk (BlogJam)

I’m sending this out into the world, I’m brave, courageous, a willing partner in Fun and sharing. You’re mind is saying where am I going, what will I read.

This weekend (October 27/28) is about stretching out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m becoming aware of my talents and discovering who I really am. Social media is a huge part of how I communicate and bring people together. For the sake of sounding long winded, I love the connections made because of social media. Moments to memories!

This weekend I’m about to help put Moncton’s best foot forward by volunteering at BlogJam Atlantic. The last 3 years, it’s been in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve seen some of my Nova Scotia friends blossom thanks to this conference.

It’s my turn to jump feet first. Feet first because I’m not one to willingly throw an event myself, but I’m willing to work with others as a team to help an event succeed. I’m proud of Moncton. It’s the least I could do to help Moncton shine in the eyes of the organizing committee, all the speakers, attendees, and my fellow volunteers. We’ve got this, it’s time to get this started #BlogJam2018.


#charflewchristmas wonders of the season

If you ask me where I get my Christmas spirit, it’s from my dad. Christmas’ of my childhood were spent wide eyed as dad weaved Christmas magic. To this day, dad always weaves his brand of magic and wonder.

The sheer number of trees placed around the house was always a challenge, my dad would top himself year after year. During high school we even had a tree decorated with purple ornaments. Dad would decorate that tree proudly because he also graduated from the same school. Another vivid memories of a pink Christmas tree and ornaments for my grandmother Melanson (her favourite colour).

Dad would make Christmas house dioramas for us children, so we could see the wonders of Christmas. Dad along with my grandfather Flewelling even made a diorama out of my old doll house.

Grandmother Melanson would make Stollen bread, before opening gifts she’d light a candle and mom would sing about the birth of Jesus. After my grandmother passed mom now makes the stollen. Mom always has a big discussion on how it didn’t turn out and everyone tells her otherwise. It’s always yummy and a great mid Christmas Day snack.

The wonder of the inner child, is within us.


#charflewchristmas serenaded by Serena

I couldn’t be any closer.

Even when you least expect it, learning a new instrument can be achieved…yes that’s a ukulele. Way out of the comfort zone. Serena used an amazing teacher and musical talent to help her… Melanie Doane.

Up close and personal, best view and best time!

Yes, those are bare feet… it helps her be grounded.

When you’re kind and have a special memento in your hand, asking for a set list comes with a bonus!

What you see in my eyes is excitement and joy . Just like the first time I was serenaded by Serena, it was equally as amazing.


#charflewchristmas element of surprise

Christmas memories are cherished no matter your age or stage of life. I’m going to share some of my memories and some from my parents. First instalment is the element of surprise.

We’ll start back in 2005, my brother (Drew) helped make Christmas a special memory because he hosted us all. Our family home was no longer ours and he helped fill the day with magic. July 2005 my parents and I moved into their current apartment. This was a special Christmas because of our first dog Murphy an SPCA rescue. Murphy came into our lives and had been part of our Christmas celebrations until his passing in 2017.

My dad is next… his memory takes us back to when he was 17. He saw a jacket in a store window and showed his mom. It was expensive and knowing they didn’t have much money he didn’t think much of it until Christmas Day. His dad who wasn’t usually home for Christmas mentioned their was a gift behind the couch, it was the jacket. Dad was excited and did not expect it.

My mom is sharing a short yet sweet memory. About 10 years of age she received a transiter radio. She never thought she’d would receive one, it was the best gift of all.

The last photo of our beloved Murphy with his Auntie C!


#CharFlewChristmas parade

This was a special moment Capturing a first ever Santa clause parade.

The pure joy on the faces of both people who work with and for immigrants, from Canada and the world is a welcomed sight. I was talking with many people who were experiencing their first parade. From many countries, that have chosen Moncton, New Brunswick as their home.

The random pops of characters make the parade fun.

The fire department is always ready to be part of a parade, Ladder 4 was the special apparatus used in the parade. They also are proudly promoting the Sue Stultz turkey drive. More on the in a future post.

This tree is special because what follows has to be the most magical part of the Moncton Santa clause parade.

Mrs Clause has big shoes to fill, just before the man himself.

I believe there’s magic on earth and the spirit of Christmas lives in us all. With loads of spirit in my heart.


Hey everyone, I decided on…

Hey everyone, I decided on my new look a bit early. Tell me what you think. New post Wednesday. Until then…Enjoy CharFlew

#CharFlewChristmas lights

I decided to bring you a snippet of light, to help in the darkest days of the year.

I’ve always been a fan of shiny things and colourful things. This is why I love downtown Moncton at this time of year. The lights still captivate me, even in my adult years.

The angels and snowflakes on the light poles date back to the 80’s…when I was a kid. They’ve been revamped with eco friendly LED lights but still retain the magic from childhood, of course city hall is shining extra bright too.

The preparations for the City Hall tree lighting.

Some of these lights are broken because of winds or humans. Somehow our city makes the front of city hall look amazing every year.

I’m cold in this selfie with the city hall Christmas tree, I cried all the way home (up 2 blocks). I’m cold to the bone, it was so bad my landlord came out to see if I was ok while I was unthawing my toes. I do this foolishness of freezing my feet once a year and this year it was parade day. Without fail…freezing feet and freezing fingers.


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Truth Talk (#CharFlewChristmas)

This year I’ve decided on a few posts for Christmas…some nostalgic, fun or filled with family.

I’m starting here, my favourite decorations, you’ll see my parents tree is red themed. Each of the ornaments are picked carefully and are special.

This frog represents Charlotte (me) because of my exuberant self and that dad calls me his princess.

M-I-C-K-E-Y Mickey Mouse was bought by my brother and sister in law on one of their Disney trips. We had a Fantasia Mickey with a broken boot, this year though he was dropped…boom smash.

This is a friendship ball that Dad & I picked up at a glass gallery called Panache in Ogunquit Maine. It represents mom.

This was a purchase for dad from my brother, while on a father son trip to Québec city.

The one that holds the most meaning to me is …

This reminds me that no matter what, they’ll be always a special father daughter bond. This decoration has been use in some capacity for 20 years. That was the Christmas the year my brother and sister in law graduated high school.


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