Truth Talk (over me…)

BlogJam was a HUGE success and not only because of what I gave to it volunteering, but the amount of knowledge I took from it.

My posts are always intentionally curated, now more so than ever! I’ll spread some wisdom gained thanks to BlogJam. I’ll start with a Friday evening meet and greet.

A New Brunswick Bloggers meetup pre BlogJam conference, sporting my home apparel comfort.

Ruth Ann is one of my absolute favourite local social media people that I got a chance to get to know more of during the weekend.

One of my favourite areas in Nova Scotia is the south shore and this human is always spreading some south shore love.

My social media heart has grown fonder…this was just the start. I was caught in the act of being social and one with my media. That’s true social media.


TruthTalk (BlogJam)

I’m sending this out into the world, I’m brave, courageous, a willing partner in Fun and sharing. You’re mind is saying where am I going, what will I read.

This weekend (October 27/28) is about stretching out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m becoming aware of my talents and discovering who I really am. Social media is a huge part of how I communicate and bring people together. For the sake of sounding long winded, I love the connections made because of social media. Moments to memories!

This weekend I’m about to help put Moncton’s best foot forward by volunteering at BlogJam Atlantic. The last 3 years, it’s been in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve seen some of my Nova Scotia friends blossom thanks to this conference.

It’s my turn to jump feet first. Feet first because I’m not one to willingly throw an event myself, but I’m willing to work with others as a team to help an event succeed. I’m proud of Moncton. It’s the least I could do to help Moncton shine in the eyes of the organizing committee, all the speakers, attendees, and my fellow volunteers. We’ve got this, it’s time to get this started #BlogJam2018.


#streetsofmoncton neighbourhood edition

This is always been a key street in my life, it’s part of where I learned to ride a bike. It’s the current home of my parents.

This is where I went to kindergarten (ymca), where I started to learn French and took swimming lessons. The ymca has moved to a new location but the building is still there, the corner Highfield and Gordon.

These are neighbourhoods with mixed houses, apartments and businesses. Vaughan Harvey is a key transportation corridor from the Gunningsville bridge to the Moncton hospital. This street intersects Main st, St George st, Mountain rd and Connaught ave.


#charflew23 #StreetsofMoncton Bendview Crt.

Here’s the first of a series on streets of Moncton. My homework has started…history of the city, food places, cultural spots and neighbourhoods.

I’m going to start where the city began, time to introduce you to Bendview court.

Treitz haus is one of the remaining original buildings from the beginning of Moncton. Currently this house is a seasonal tourist bureau along The Riverfront trail. Centralized in the city Center, it’s also home to Bore park.

Bore park includes a sculpture of Joseph Salter, Moncton’s first mayor. This sculpture was created on the occasion of the city’s centennial in 1990. This is also a monument to the former and current mayors of Moncton.

Just past the sculpture, a lookout onto the Petticodiac River and the famous Tidal Bore. The tide turns from the Bay of Fundy, the highest tides in the world, as it rushes up the river it creates a wave 🌊. Sometimes during full moon cycles you could possibly see surfers.

This is just a start to the stories of downtown, city streets and neighbourhoods.


#charflew23 chalk “sun” bomb’

The random chalk sun has me thinking…I made 3 of these in the city, one at my favourite yoga studio, another special main st place and here on the sidewalk near my parents apartment. If you’re in downtown Moncton and see one of these know it’s me spreading some sun!

I found out that one of the yoga instructors found my sun. Their sign blew over, I propped it up on the building and drew a sun under the leg. It made me happy to know I had an impact. A small gesture goes along way.

Yes, I bought chalk…I hope I have enough 😉 spreading love and kindness one chalk bomb at a time!

Here are a few more chalk bombs…


#charflew23 honour where you are…

Read this before you proceed with the new post. I’m adding to this narrative.


I’m scared…was the main focus of the last post. Now I can tell you, I’m less scared and more prepared.

Here’s the scoop, I got a shiny new 10k (6.2 mile) Personal best time. It was by complete shock that I share this with you. It was determination and stubbornness that got me to the finish line of my Tidal Trail 10k.

I decided as the first race came to just go with my gut feeling. I had a horrible, March April training wise. It’s been extremely cold and brisk start to my run training adventures. I walk more in the cold than run. Your muscles don’t “spring back” easily when they’re cold. Recovery after this race has been 1 day slower than my normal. My recovery has not been smooth but still fast.

Where in the world I ran my tidal Trail race? The salt marsh trail in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia.

I rang the personal best bell at 1:42:25 !

post race ohhhhh yeah!

I’m overjoyed and grateful to have this opportunity to share this wonderful day with you.