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I’m going to share a bit more about my truth…

❤️ Harper, surprise attack of love ❤️

This was captured when I decided to sit on the kitchen floor at my brothers… my buddy Harper gave me kisses 😘

Having had a rough January mentally, it weighed heavy on me. I’m coming to a better state and February proved to be decent. I had 2 special things to celebrate and a surprise I didn’t see coming until the deed was done.

February is affairs of the heart, with Valentine’s Day right in the middle. On Valentine’s Day I did something liberating… I chopped off my long hair. On my own, no supervision.

Valentine’s chop

The story of my long hair starts March 2013, when I was bullied out of school. I had taken the bold move to get an early childhood education/ education assistant diploma. I was bullied by a then 19 year old and one of my teachers. I decided to start growing my hair and got my last trim in March 2014. Since then it’s been growing out. Until January 2019, I started to trim the ends slowly and did tiny trims until February 2020. That’s when I too longer chunks off. I reached a level of comfort and knew to stop. I don’t recommend chopping your own hair. I just got an urge to refresh and renew my spirit and soul.

Then it was time for Work Of Heart. https://www.workofheart.me

A day filled with community, friends and uplifting spirits. The biggest take away was to celebrate your average. Do what you do naturally and make it extraordinary. Things will happen if you let them flow to you and with you, in the now or present moment.

A post Work Of Heart contentment

Now it’s time to say thank you for what was and start fresh. A new month to do your best, be your best and just be!



Truth Talk (over me…)

BlogJam was a HUGE success and not only because of what I gave to it volunteering, but the amount of knowledge I took from it.

My posts are always intentionally curated, now more so than ever! I’ll spread some wisdom gained thanks to BlogJam. I’ll start with a Friday evening meet and greet.

A New Brunswick Bloggers meetup pre BlogJam conference, sporting my home apparel comfort.

Ruth Ann is one of my absolute favourite local social media people that I got a chance to get to know more of during the weekend.

One of my favourite areas in Nova Scotia is the south shore and this human is always spreading some south shore love.

My social media heart has grown fonder…this was just the start. I was caught in the act of being social and one with my media. That’s true social media.


TruthTalk (BlogJam)

I’m sending this out into the world, I’m brave, courageous, a willing partner in Fun and sharing. You’re mind is saying where am I going, what will I read.

This weekend (October 27/28) is about stretching out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m becoming aware of my talents and discovering who I really am. Social media is a huge part of how I communicate and bring people together. For the sake of sounding long winded, I love the connections made because of social media. Moments to memories!

This weekend I’m about to help put Moncton’s best foot forward by volunteering at BlogJam Atlantic. The last 3 years, it’s been in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve seen some of my Nova Scotia friends blossom thanks to this conference.

It’s my turn to jump feet first. Feet first because I’m not one to willingly throw an event myself, but I’m willing to work with others as a team to help an event succeed. I’m proud of Moncton. It’s the least I could do to help Moncton shine in the eyes of the organizing committee, all the speakers, attendees, and my fellow volunteers. We’ve got this, it’s time to get this started #BlogJam2018.


#BlogJam2020 save the date

A joyful thought
The joy of blogging

I may have been giddy when I heard this being slipped under my door.

I’ve been watching the social media feeds for BlogJam and saw that some of these beauties were arriving. I knew, mine would be coming soon. To my surprise, it arrived in decent time.

The JOYS…are what my social feeds are about. The everyday, the grateful moments, the humbling moments and memories. This word makes me smile and so did the thoughtful note!


#quarantine chronicles #charflew23

I’ve come to a realization that 2020 needs a do over. Since my last post my September run in Nova Scotia has be cancelled and it’s not looking good for November. I’m thinking realistically that my 2020 race season won’t exist.

The best part thought is my September race decided that it would differ our registration to 2021. That means one less registration to deal with. I hind sight, I don’t want to do a half in 2021. Will I have to? Will I change my mind? That’s still up in the air. Right now many of us just want to erase 2020 from our memories.

Here’s some wisdom I learned, along the way, so far thanks to quarantine. *If I’ve used any of this wisdom before, please bear with me*

2020 is the year of trusting whatever higher power you subscribe to. Your inner child needs to be nurtured too. You’re worth more than you think.

BIG obstacles get crushed sometimes, like your running plans. Results may vary, you may be crushed, elated, released or just confused.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it makes you aware and stronger. Beauty surrounds you in this moment, you need to look around a bit closer.

The right mind (balanced mind) doesn’t exist during upheaval. It’s one extreme to the next.

BELIEVE that you’re stronger than you think. Stronger than you know. Believe in yourself the farther you’ll go.

That’s my current views on quarantine. ~~CharFlew

Quarantine creativity

Things … #charflew23

Things are collections of stuff, moments and memories. Now more than ever the stuff is less important and the moments that make memories are key

Today, I write this with a heavy heart. Not because of the whole quarantine that’s unfolding, but because of a single mass upheaval.

Lives can end, in a blink

Sadly, not everyone is stable enough to know they need help or to seek help. Not to dwell on this, but things can be taken away… in a blink.

It’s important, more so now than ever, to seek out the special things. The things that make us feel rooted where we are, in this moment and time. Everything happens for a season, reason or a lifetime.

Be still my heart, it’s okay to ache. It’s all about perspective. What’s important in this moment. Release the emotions, good, bad, happy or sad and every point in between. This is a time to be human and do so with a heart that’s ready to receive the gifts, be passionate, compassionate and understand that every day is a true gift.

You are where you need to be in any moment, open up and receive the gift.

Life’s all around us, look up,out and beyond

Universe is paying attention * #charflew23 *

This came up in one of my social media accounts and I thought I’d cover this topic. I believe those who manifest and really want something it can be achieved.

The universe is always giving us signs, subtle or not. The most poignant example is of the worlds current situation…pandemic.

The world is always giving signs of renewal, infusing us with a new opportunity, giving us a chance to choose, refuse, bless someone with a special gift, to protect, heal and energize the world around us. If we see these opportunities we can be so much more.

In our ever changing “busy” lives we get minimal time to give of ourselves genuinely *a deeper sense of being*. During upheaval we see the extras being done that in our everyday goings on we don’t normally see.

What we need more of is a deeper genuine relationship with each other. We need to understand our fellow humans and put human back into humaneness. We need a coming together of soul and spirit.

This is a game changer, the start of a huge manifestation of what it deeply means to be human and become a truly more powerful person.

It’s your move…where will you go?

How have you been doing?

Virtual dates and chats have become a new piece of me. Here’s a sneak peak into some special moments

Moms virtual birthday
Dads balcony birthday bash
Easter dinner virtually

This is only a sample of what I’ve enjoyed. Feel free to share some ways you’ve been coping with the pandemic. Leave a comment or join me over on twitter and Instagram @charflew23.