Truth Talk (over me…)

BlogJam was a HUGE success and not only because of what I gave to it volunteering, but the amount of knowledge I took from it.

My posts are always intentionally curated, now more so than ever! I’ll spread some wisdom gained thanks to BlogJam. I’ll start with a Friday evening meet and greet.

A New Brunswick Bloggers meetup pre BlogJam conference, sporting my home apparel comfort.

Ruth Ann is one of my absolute favourite local social media people that I got a chance to get to know more of during the weekend.

One of my favourite areas in Nova Scotia is the south shore and this human is always spreading some south shore love.

My social media heart has grown fonder…this was just the start. I was caught in the act of being social and one with my media. That’s true social media.


TruthTalk (BlogJam)

I’m sending this out into the world, I’m brave, courageous, a willing partner in Fun and sharing. You’re mind is saying where am I going, what will I read.

This weekend (October 27/28) is about stretching out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m becoming aware of my talents and discovering who I really am. Social media is a huge part of how I communicate and bring people together. For the sake of sounding long winded, I love the connections made because of social media. Moments to memories!

This weekend I’m about to help put Moncton’s best foot forward by volunteering at BlogJam Atlantic. The last 3 years, it’s been in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve seen some of my Nova Scotia friends blossom thanks to this conference.

It’s my turn to jump feet first. Feet first because I’m not one to willingly throw an event myself, but I’m willing to work with others as a team to help an event succeed. I’m proud of Moncton. It’s the least I could do to help Moncton shine in the eyes of the organizing committee, all the speakers, attendees, and my fellow volunteers. We’ve got this, it’s time to get this started #BlogJam2018.


Preserve Retreat (#BlogJam2019)

Parts 1 & 2 of this journey are here, click here to see the long way around and day 1.



A special thank you to Michelle at east coast food stories for 2 Magic Wild photos.

Day 2 started with a bonus activity with Jesse Harrold, the magical wild. This was a chance to have a short meditation experience. We went out outside and sat where we wanted (a sit spot). Most of us were on rocks because it was cold and the dew was heavy. Then we set out to map what you sensed around us. The not so easy task was this was done with our eyes closed. Here’s my map…

You can use words and drawings to map out what you sensed around you. Here’s a photo from when we were finishing up the exercise.

A group photo of the participants in the magic wild.

Then we got down to some extra juicy *Deep Work*. Starting with a keynote by Jesse Harrold. From blog to book (how to unearth your inner author & share your message with the world).

So What?

Why now?

Why me?

These are keys to start.

This was a very worthwhile experience. I’ve secretly wanted to write about a few key pieces of my journey as a human. This gave me the next swift kick, to help me along.

Find a voice + Nurturing your practice + Nurturing your voice + Practice and you’ll become a safe vessel for creativity.

Have you ever thought of a book as a startup? Intention counts, build community through all stages of creation. No regrets story telling…Authenticity and tiny experiments in authorship tiny shifts, safe to fail *not all things will work at once*, refresh, renew and preserve.

Here’s a chance to set intentions. Keep Toss Create with Tara Jaskowiak.

KEEP doing what works well

TOSS what isn’t working

CREATE opportunities


ACTION steps towards goal

There are many ways to be accountable. Here are a few suggestions: Set it free and wait to see *keep moving*, visuals, accountability partner, write it down and a working group in person.

Then we moved into Exceptional Pressure by Duane Jones of http://www.artpaysme.com

Then the last part of the conference was about integrity & influencers…a hot button topic.

We got lunch to go and off we went, homeward bound.


Part 2 #PreserveRetreat #BlogJam2019


After taking the long way around, I got to Oak Island and started the adventure. Meeting up with good people and then outside for a meet and greet bonfire. S’mores and rum hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Day 1 started with a calm by the window gazing, I skipped the morning keynote. I still learned from those in the room. I was watching because I didn’t really need the extra information. Impact influence we have on each other. Marketing helping humans take action. That’s what I learned by not being at the morning keynote

My first piece of the conference journey was about the tell tale signs of rookie presenters (and how to avoid them). Tisha Parker Kemp of http://www.shiftacademy.ca gave us a great reminder of basic yet effective points to help increase confidence when delivering a speech. The biggest point I use is, using your nerves in a positive productive manner. Plan out all possible scenarios and less is more.

Then something that really hit home because of a recent discovery (a war time pistol being traced back to me) research tools and strategies for fact based blogging. Rebecca Wilson (Lucky Sprout) and I was appreciative as I knew this would help me. This winter, I’ll dive deeper into more about the war time pistol journey that stared at the end of August.

Then lunch and social time. This sends me into the next part of the day…social stretch.

Suzi Fevens (confessions of a fitness instructor).

Taking you time, isn’t a crime. Truly it improves your mind and helps find creative solutions.

Then a swift kick,

A headline assists rather than hinder. What’s your headline?

Day 1 conference ends, dinner and yoga at Hogwarts with Suzi Fevens

The end of the day…a very emotional filled journey. I found convictions I didn’t know I had.

Day 2, coming up.

Stay tuned, if you were at preserve tell me what you got out of day 1? Comments welcome.


#PreserveRetreat (#BlogJam2019) #charflew23

I started my South Shore adventure with a visit to one of my favourite places.

Nova Scotia is a rugged beauty kind of province…Peggy’s Cove is rocky and wicked if you are there in winds or rain. Enjoyed lunch at the sou’wester restaurant and of course it was lobster 🦞 chowder.

Then the long way around and we arrived Oak island resort and conference center. I failed to remember that on the old highway it was an hour between Peggy’s Cove and Chester where Oak Island is. We got there after a bit of trust issues from mom…”I knew we were heading in the right direction”. My adventurous side was tested, I looked at the map and said to mom keep going, it was around the corner.

It was an amazing drive.

I’ll leave you here part 1/2.


#charflew23 (preserve)

This year I get all the perks…being a volunteer at BlogJam 2018 was a fun to dip my feet further into social media. 2019 will hold even more deeper learning. I’m headed to Oak Island, Nova Scotia for the 2019 preserve retreat, a BlogJam event. I’m ready as I’ll ever be. Blog jam at a slower and deeper pace. I’ll update you soon…I’m excited because this is a place in Nova Scotia that I’ve driven past, but never stayed.

Most of the attendees I know and have met, some I know their social media and never met face to face. This weekend is more about deeper connections with those around you.