Fundy fail (explaining & complaining)

I start this post with a warning ⚠️ this post is going to be me pouring out my heart ❤️ I need this to reconcile what happened. Consider this a venting kind of post.

Fundy Park pool and trail head to the Coastal trail is where I started my day. I knew going into this #Tour150 hike it would be difficult (that’s also the rating of this set of trails “difficult”). The day started out with typical Fundy fog and sun, fog, sun (you get the picture).

I was above the trees and it was really a great trail, this is where it started going south (going bad not the direction). A parks Canada employee blurted out we’ll have to do some re working of the trail (putting natural materials out to make the trail safe as it can be) and what a job it will be to bring these materials to this certain spot (basically complaining). I politely just went with it and we got the first section done.

I had company from a trails NB person who ironically was also named charlotte. We got the first section done early by 30 minutes. The middle of the 2 coastal trail sections is Herring cove beach (a parking lot). Parents were waiting and I’m glad they did grabbed a sandwich and learned my 1st lesson, I debated if I should go, I went against my instinct and did it any way. I was the only public member in a group of parks employees both on duty & not. When I got into the second section (west coastal) I got separated from the group and couldn’t keep up. They waited for me at about half way and that’s when I got my instructions to stay left of any forks in the road and off the other group went… they left me alone, parks Canada staff left a “man” behind. (I know how to hike, just not well). At this point I went for the adventure, once I got near another popular trail (Matthews head) I headed left but got a sinking feeling. The terrain was getting more rough, at this point my climbing skills came into play. The up & down of the trail was taking a toll on me at 3/4 of the way to the end.

I’ve done 10k road races and a multi terrain race before, never have I ever felt this desperate to just get it over with. I stoped to catch my breath elevation was getting to me, so I sent up a give me a sign to the heavens above…then I saw another trail marker on the side of the trail (a ribbon) and then I heard cars. I knew at this point I was on the good path. The last part at point Wolfe was just a challenging as the first climb near the pool…I was going down thought not up. The last few meters was a crying fest. I was just about done then I saw my dad coming towards me I said “stay there dad” it was rough terrain I didn’t think he could handle. So we walked up point Wolfe road over the bridge and made up the 0.3 of a kilometre to make my hike an entire 10k. At this point I was heading up to the end of last trail to complain and coming towards us was one of the amazing parks staff and a visitor experience manager. We stopped to tell them I was ok and just had a bruised knee. Yes, you read correctly the visitor experience manager for this group was on her way to find me and to see if I was ok.

This brings me to lesson 2 I need a hiking buddy…my parents are not that young and have limitations (I get that), if I want to go be adventurous I need a hiking buddy.

Lesson 3 the views are amazing but rugged up here

Frustration turns into perspiration and perspective… holding back won’t make life worth living. Being daring (out of comfort zone) gives you a chance for your story to grow. If anyone asks have you gotten lost in a National Park I can say almost. This is one heck of a doozy.

Consider this a frustration into inspiration post



Fundy fail (trail edition)

This is going to be difficult for me to describe but the outcome will make you cringe (I cried) when I saw my dad at the end of the second long trail. I did 10k in extremely difficult terrain. I’m proud of the trails conquered, just not how the experience was handled in the end I’m ok, with a bruised ego certainly not broken and a bruised knee.

This was part of my trail experience coastal trail at Fundy National Park.

Part 2 explaining & complaining coming soon.


FOMO (fear of missing out)

I actually now can say I’ve had fomo, August 11-13 was Marathon by the sea in Saint John…I’d normally have raced, not in 2017. I decided early on not to do a summer race in 2017 because I thought I’d be adventuring more. I have been adventuring more but not as much as I thought.

My adventures have gone all directions. Putting in the distance for training up to my half in October has been a wicked in a bad way. It’s been sporadic at best, so I’m getting off my bike and onto my feet. My next adventure will be about time on my feet VS distance covered.

I may have missed out on one adventure, but I’ve gained many more life lessons and humility from all adventures combined up to now!

Obligatory puppy photo Harper is almost 10 weeks old, what an attention grabber!

Adventure on (your own terms),


Cautionary tale…

I was at an inaugural yoga fest recently, from the get go issues ensued. I normally would avoid a not recommended type post but this needs to come out. If you're in Moncton New Brunswick Canada and want to do yoga I need to caution you on Melika Baccouche. I feel bad but her actions during yoga fest could have been taken as verbal assault. This was in front of others in the wellness community (her peers). All because I wanted shade and there was a bench behind "her space" in a public gathering. One of her fellow yogis and a friend of mine sat there in shock and she apologized for Melika's actions. She threw herself between me and Melika to avoid issues. Thank you!

This is what I wrote on my Facebook and thought I'd send it along (the second paragraph).

Then I received this response which doesn't surprise me about the mediator.

Then I rambled on and thanked the mediator and meant every word I said…

So my advice is not all personalities get along with everyone but know if you find yourself in a class with her or by her, she is a strong personality to deal with. That's my cautionary tale!

Yes, I had an issue with an owner of a yoga studio her dad (who's obviously part owner) said right in front of me (a potential client) that because of who I knew I was guilty by association and he talked about spending money on new items to sell right in front of a stranger. That's what put my guard up, I don't take well to behind the scenes stuff that's not my business to start with. I wanted some information from his daughter after a yoga session as I was asking her dad came up to where I was and my hairs on the back of my neck stood up, he wouldn't leave when I asked him for space his daughter took that as negative vibes and said so. Sadly I write this last sentence…you get what you give.


Harper (melts heart & made it whole again)

What ever has been the matter….I've been in a funk lately and like my last post mentioned it was by surprise, I was told about Harper. I got to officially meet our newest addition and I'm in love. Tucker the first doodle of the family was also the first puppy.

I wasn't a fan of puppy Tucker but this time around we all learned and it was a bit better. At just under 9 weeks (they've had Harper 1 week) he's actually not that "bad". In the teething stage Harper decided he loved my toes and feet so it was the worse part of not having socks on. Nibble nibble! Harper took a liking to my dad's laces on his sneakers and then my moms fancy crocks . Harper quickly learned no those weren't toys. I'm sitting here outside with cleansing tears in my eyes. Tucker is an amazing big "Bro-fur". I am impressed at Tucker's patience as a little "bugger" gets used to everything and everyone.

Born on June 5th in an area of Nova Scotia near Antigonish (my heart started to melt right there) called Malignant Cove. I've peeked on the breeders Facebook and it melted my heart even more. They had a check up the day before my brother got to visit the first time.

Lover of air vents, long snoozes. A pup who made me whole again one kiss at a time! The world is big Harper, you've wound yourself around my heart strings and already have given so much (I've only met him once). This big world will be best viewed from sniffing range.

Your Auntie C loves you to the moon & back (now until the end)!


A wish come true…

I'll tell you the de-tails surprise about this soon I promise it's worth the wait! Some new exciting tails are brewing. Ok, as I wrote the above sentence, I got permission to spill the beans.

Out of the blue I got this photo from my brother…

I felt all the feels, then this photo appears in my chat.

It's a boy…Harper. I knew, it was a matter of when not if a new puppy would appear. I didn't realise it would be this fast though.

My brother & sister in law went on an over night trip to Nova Scotia recently, then Tall Ships were in Halifax they went on another overnight trip. These two overnights lead us to this new little bro fur for Tucker.

In august my brother gets to celebrate his birthday with his wife & sisters in law in Halifax at beer fest (this year is no different) Dad (Grampy F) sits the k9's, my brother only told him about the newest family member. Telling dad about the new pup was to assure him about dog sitting for beer fest. Myself, my mom or my sister in law's family didn't know until now.

Harper is the son of… Murphy. If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is. A new journey begins with a special reminder of what was an amazing life our Murphy had.

I'm feeling a wide variety of emotions right now as I write. From joy, shock, sadness and laughing while crying because of this I had to sit outside to write this.

So it begins…


Sticky fingers (Jam)

One of my favourite times of the year is when mom makes strawberry freezer jam! I get to help her in the fun.

I mash the berries after mom hauls them and we both take turns doing all the steps. My absolute favourite part of this process is mashing the berries, I've done that since I was a young child. I remember my grandmother Melanson helping (mom) her daughter and now I help my mom…it's a mother daughter affair. The berries are always so tasty and sweet.

I'm excited to taste the finished jam, even if I've tasted it at all steps and boy it's yummy!