Emotional side of running

Today was an emotional running realisation type of day… today I shared the emotional truth behind why iRun with Mark Sutcliffe (the brains behind iRun) and soon the entire iRun nation on radio & podcast. A 5k seventy one days post gallbladder removal back in 2013, to my current status as a half marathoner in October 2017, iRun to keep my mental and physical health in check. Learned by osmosis from my dad, these are some of my earliest memories as a young child. 2018 is the year of getting back to basics and until today I knew running was part of me. I just didn’t realise how deeply rooted it is in my soul! I was tearing up while Mark was asking his questions. Some of you may possibly be shocked, hopefully you’ll understand some of why behind my grit & determination to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

My latest running achievement my half in October 2017 to start year 5 running!

yours truly,



Thoughts are

Ho hummmmm….. Hey it’s Charlotte, I’m procrastinating on blog posts here. I’m preparing some meaningful to me posts in relation to the series I mentioned but I am currently having post overwhelm, creative burst or whatever you call it. Mind is going in turbo overdrive. Stay with me as I collect my thoughts type them out and schedule them to appear magically.

Sometimes a flood comes and sometimes you’re dry as a desert.


Up coming series

I’ve collected some gems over the last 2 weeks and I’ll be sharing with you some posts inspired by Danielle Laporte from Vancouver BC. Maybe I’ll be inspired by Truth bombs, white hot truth or maybe some questions to get you thinking about your life work (desire mapping).

A recent coffee session of inspiration, mapping and focusing in on the desired feelings.


Lowering (setting realistic goals)

I’m in a haze when it comes to a half marathon in 2018 or truly keeping my 5/10k distances and doing them often goal. It feels like I’m letting myself take an easy route out. It’s a matter of pride. In any distance I give the best effort on the day and leading up to it, have I found a perfect training system… NO. A constant is my lack of consistency, potential for disaster. I’ve experimented with a few training methods and need to get back to basics.

When I set out in mid February to start training for my first race in May, I’ll start again with a tried & true methodology. Back to what got me my first personal best 5k. This means Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday runs with no regrets. Sunday will be hills day, Monday will be a recovery type run, whatever Wednesday, Friday will be a free type of exercise (biking walking etc).


A reflection of me…

I asked one of my running community to create one of his masterpieces… about me! I was on twitter and all these running cartoons came up. These are portrayals of each runner.

This is sentimental because Noel captured my essence well. This particular portrayal of me describes my half marathon in October 2017. That’s my half marathon number and of course my water bottle is my affiliation with nuun as an ambassador. Right down to my love of our national public broadcaster in my scarf.

His signature sun is always a bright spot when his likeness pops upon twitter. It’s not always easy but oh so worth it. Running isn’t the whole me, but it makes me whole. Thank you Noel, I’m forever grateful for your friendship and creativity!


Running form…

My goal for my 2018 racing year is to enjoy the 5/10k distances & do them more often. Focus will lead you to where you want to go. It’s been 3 race seasons since my last 5k personal best (PB) and I want to achieve a new 5k PB in 2018 (year 5).

The running schedule for 2018 is taking shape…The blue are registered for & confirmed, the pencil are the last two I need to get registered (for now possibly 1 more race in the works).

It’s getting back to where you feel safe that will lead me to the bigger running focus. If I don’t do a half in 2018, I’m ok with that. I’m surrendering to what is, and the focus that I need to get there.

Running on step at a time,


Hello to 2018

Saying hello

Nice to meet myself again

Where did I go?

Nice to meet my long lost friend

Viva the dark, viva the light

Viva the wrong, I’ve seen the right

Saying hello

Part of the song Saying Hello by Serena Ryder

I strongly suggest you listen to the entire song, it’s one of these songs that came into my life at the right moment.

Throughout 2017 I’ve discovered an adventurous side of me that was rekindled by an epic moment back in 2015. That epic moment was the quietest concert ever, it was Serena Ryder who performed a concert at low tide in the most epic settings. That setting was Herring Cove beaching in Fundy National Park. It was also this concert that was a starting point for Serena to create her album utopia (it’s where you’ll find this song).

I don’t use the word epic lightly, it was and still is the concert that has changed my mindset, made me realize how amazing life is and can be. I’ve been back to that exact beach in 2016, to show mom where dad & I partied the year before and in 2017 on a life changing hike (the East/West Coastal trail).

It’s also where I was reminded of how many ups and downs life can give you, like the jagged rocks and cliffs I hiked in 2017. I knew that New Brunswick has many rugged places, i just never hiked them before. I seized the opportunity and with each cringing and crying moment I got stronger. It served me well when I stretched my grit and determination muscles on my half marathon adventures. I look back on 2017 as one of the most adventurous and epic years. I made moments to memories my mantra and boy the stories are many. I thank you all for reading my adventures (running and mental health) and for the stories that create your identity.

I can now say my adventurous side has peaked out. I’ll be exploring that both in my running adventures in 2018 and stretching the grit & determination muscles over on the mental health side of me too.

May all your wildest dreams (no matter how big or small) come true in 2018.


A special moment

I had a mini melt down moment Christmas Day, it made me realize how much I enjoy meaningful things. Things is used because that’s what most of my Christmas was… things. These things were specific to keep me comfortable in the cold, or to remind me of moments past and even special cookies made by dad who just had to give them to me right away after I arrived. Now you know where I get my enthusiasm and child like wonder. The things that I cherished the most were also the smiles made when giving my random acts of art to people who I really care for. People who go out of their way to be extra kind and awesome all year. These people just go about their own business but somehow sparkle and shine just a tad bit brighter, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll see my New Years post that’s scheduled for New Year’s Eve at 5pm Atlantic standard time. In the meantime I send this out into the world.

Keep on shining like the brightest star out there,


This week is…

The simple answer is this week is hectic. I wish you all the warmest greetings and that all the running dreams come true in 2018. I’ll be back between Christmas and New Years. It’s time to celebrate and be merry!

See you soon,