Up coming series

I’ve collected some gems over the last 2 weeks and I’ll be sharing with you some posts inspired by Danielle Laporte from Vancouver BC. Maybe I’ll be inspired by Truth bombs, white hot truth or maybe some questions to get you thinking about your life work (desire mapping).

A recent coffee session of inspiration, mapping and focusing in on the desired feelings.



Hello to 2018

Saying hello

Nice to meet myself again

Where did I go?

Nice to meet my long lost friend

Viva the dark, viva the light

Viva the wrong, I’ve seen the right

Saying hello

Part of the song Saying Hello by Serena Ryder

I strongly suggest you listen to the entire song, it’s one of these songs that came into my life at the right moment.

Throughout 2017 I’ve discovered an adventurous side of me that was rekindled by an epic moment back in 2015. That epic moment was the quietest concert ever, it was Serena Ryder who performed a concert at low tide in the most epic settings. That setting was Herring Cove beaching in Fundy National Park. It was also this concert that was a starting point for Serena to create her album utopia (it’s where you’ll find this song).

I don’t use the word epic lightly, it was and still is the concert that has changed my mindset, made me realize how amazing life is and can be. I’ve been back to that exact beach in 2016, to show mom where dad & I partied the year before and in 2017 on a life changing hike (the East/West Coastal trail).

It’s also where I was reminded of how many ups and downs life can give you, like the jagged rocks and cliffs I hiked in 2017. I knew that New Brunswick has many rugged places, i just never hiked them before. I seized the opportunity and with each cringing and crying moment I got stronger. It served me well when I stretched my grit and determination muscles on my half marathon adventures. I look back on 2017 as one of the most adventurous and epic years. I made moments to memories my mantra and boy the stories are many. I thank you all for reading my adventures (running and mental health) and for the stories that create your identity.

I can now say my adventurous side has peaked out. I’ll be exploring that both in my running adventures in 2018 and stretching the grit & determination muscles over on the mental health side of me too.

May all your wildest dreams (no matter how big or small) come true in 2018.


A special moment

I had a mini melt down moment Christmas Day, it made me realize how much I enjoy meaningful things. Things is used because that’s what most of my Christmas was… things. These things were specific to keep me comfortable in the cold, or to remind me of moments past and even special cookies made by dad who just had to give them to me right away after I arrived. Now you know where I get my enthusiasm and child like wonder. The things that I cherished the most were also the smiles made when giving my random acts of art to people who I really care for. People who go out of their way to be extra kind and awesome all year. These people just go about their own business but somehow sparkle and shine just a tad bit brighter, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll see my New Years post that’s scheduled for New Year’s Eve at 5pm Atlantic standard time. In the meantime I send this out into the world.

Keep on shining like the brightest star out there,



Zigzag,oh so worth it!

Mishaps turned upside down,learning

Opportunity knocks, seize the gift

Find the gift in everyday

Hills become mountains,climb on!

Comment below what you current mental health in 5 words would be?


Few firsts of 2017

Many first moments to be shared with you… 2 first time volunteering opportunities, the first dog of the Flewelling family passed away, first half marathon, first group hike, first time realizing the significance of things that surround you, a first time realizing that things are set in front of you for a reason, first time going the distance to have your truth heard and accepted, first time meeting a YouTube personality (actually 2 of them) and first time being a product ambassador.

May and July were the volunteering opportunities, May was Eating Heritage (Canada slow food summit) and July was with festival Inspire (a wicked art festival) in Moncton.

June our beloved lab Murphy passed away from cancer.

First half marathon and group hike are self explanatory.

During Inspire I found out that if crows surround you it’s a protective force from those beyond this world, I’d not of found out this if it wasn’t for the mural I was looking after. An elder painted on the side of the university.

The group hike not going as planned set me up for a half adventure (grit and determination muscles were flexed) tripping on uneven side wasn’t fun but I never gave up.

The start of 2017 saw me gently but firmly telling my truth to my landlords (I was the newest renter from them at that point) eventually the person got himself into trouble with them, he got kicked out. I had never gone that far in any struggle to get the outcome I wanted. I worked through being scared stuff to feeling ok to go out without being scared. That’s karma folks.

I met Corrado and Saskia both from apprenticeA fame. Even if they don’t YouTube on that channel or even their personal channels Corrado does YouTube and video work nationally for CBC. You all know how much I love CBC. If not I really do love the Canadian Broadcast corporation (CBC).

I was a nuun hydration ambassador, it helped fuel all my adventures from start to finish. I even got back on the ambassador train for 2018.

All in a year, I’ve created what I set out from day one until it’s done and so much more.


A week of…

A week of hell…😖 a tooth ache that made my mouth feel like I wanted to rip off my jaw. It’s under control with antibiotics that look like horse caplets.

The top photo was taken the day I went to the dentist to check on it (I was hiding in my Canada tartan scarf), the bottom photo was taken the day after the dentist visit. The positive this week was my personal Turkey 🦃 donation to a local Turkey drive (the same photo I’m hiding in my scarf).

I went out to see the lights in my neighbourhood which includes city hall and Main Street.

I was a bit goofy trying to block a LED marquee at the Capitol Theatre to get the photo.

It’s all about perspective,


Writing prompts

Writing prompts… checking in before my mind explodes. My shopping is finished, I’m ready and raring to go. Now to get out of my head and start writing. Being precise and condensed isn’t my strong suit. Long form is my favourite and being overly descriptive is what I do! Wish me luck in my creative writing pursuits!


Monday musings

This past week has been amazing and fun, it was splashed with the first of many extra giving opportunities for the holidays. It was splashed with moments from the past… seeing a former CBC Moncton employee I haven’t see since I don’t remember when. Jo-Ann Roberts moved from Moncton with her husband and kids to Victoria British Columbia (out west). She continued her CBC employment and then decided to try her hand at politics. She’s now retired from all that and moved to Halifax. I knew it was only a matter of time before she and her husband would move back east. I had no clue she was back east… she walked into CBC Moncton during the tree of hope radiothon and my eyes bugged out of my head. Sadly she was in Moncton for a funeral. she couldn’t leave without a visit. I wasn’t the only one surprised by her appearance. This leads me into letting you know I’ll post a tree of hope blog post during December. I’m going to try a new holiday 2017 posting approach…stay tuned.


weather world

I can’t believe that I just let my fingers be my guide… it is both good & scary. The weather changes so fast, one day you’re in your boots up to your knees while freezing and the next day you’re in sandals at almost 15 degrees above freezing. No regrets, I took advantage even if it’s just 1 day.

Back to reality,