Hell of a ride…

You’re probably sick of my Bluenose Running posts, ok I get it… I’m now going to prepare you for my second race and second trip to Nova Scotia. I’m heading back for my first official trail race! It’s the Tidal Trail race on the salt marsh trail in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Yes, the home of Sydney Crosby of NHL fame. I swore the first time I did races close together (back to back races/weekends in 2015) I’d not do that again. Well this setup is almost as bad, Bluenose, a weekend off and then the Tidal Trail 10k. The weekend in between seems cruel, mind games are creeping in… thank goodness they’re leaving just as quick as they came.

A reminder, my 3rd race is June 23 and 4th is July1st. That’s even more of a quick turnaround. Those are 2 fun races, one is at the Greater Moncton Airport in support of united way and July 1st is Canada day 🇨🇦.

Tidal Trail is brought to you by Michelle Kempton, the race director of Maritime Race Weekend. In its second year, this race includes a 10k and 15k option. It was included in the Saturday part of Maritime Race Weekend (an afternoon 15k run) in 2017. After feedback it got its own weekend, no cranky/overtired volunteers, race director or participants needed. The 10k is mid morning (10am) and the 15k is early afternoon (1pm). The races are capped at 500 participants each. I’m looking forward to becoming an official trail runner and seeing how my 10k legs feel. Ironically, my other 10k is in September at Maritime Race Weekend.

Happy trails,



Post race Bluenose 2018

It’s my first Medal Monday for 2018 and it’s also a holiday in Canada.

I have now done Bluenose 5 years in a row and can celebrate 6 victories.

Each one of these medals wasn’t easy to achieve, like every race you put in many hours of time. Even in a 5k I spend 4-8 hrs a week running for up to 10 weeks before race day, and many more un calculated hours cross training or just adventuring. This is how I keep myself sane.

Even a 5k has its many challenges, it’s a short burst of hell. Even though I do many 5k races, it gives me enough time to challenge myself.

In 2018 I’m upping the number of 10k’s I’ll do to 2. I’ll do the first of 2 10k on June 3rd and the other in September. 10k is enough of a challenge still, it’s become easier with hard work. My first 5k of 2018 was to gauge where I am physically. I’m glad to say I’m where I wanted to be. I didn’t loose momentum this past winter.

I want this blog post to serve as a reminder, a body is capable of many things! If you work for it, you can achieve it!


5 days until Bluenose race day

Here’s a look into what I do to get ready for a race. I’m 5 days out from my first race of 2018. I find my racing attire and start to monitor the weather. It can be warm, humid and sunny all the way to cloudy, damp, windy, rainy or overcast…It’s happened at this race before. One day humid sunny and next day damp overcast windy (that was the story of my race weekend in 2015). Two races, doubling the distance (5/10k)… My first double race weekend.

I start by finding my short sleeve racing shirt and my racing capri’s or tights for warm weather. Then find a long sleeve shirt and my windbreaker running jacket just incase.

The difference between good and bad weather is a possible long sleeved racing shirt and a runners rain jacket (wind breaker) instead of short sleeves.

I make sure I have enough fuel, for a 5k (3.1 miles). I grab my nuun hydration tablets and water bottle (like a good nuun ambassador would).

Then I go about the day as normal as I can, I may bike ride a day or 2 until Thursday otherwise it’s off my feet as much as possible.

This is just a peek into my pre race week,


Smile, I wanna see you smile 😃

The weekend slipped by me, I wasn’t on a happy mood train. The unfairness of situations can baffle the mind. Enough of that… I give you a musical moment.

Thursday May 3rd came with a front row seat to Alan Doyle… I finished up the last Christmas gift with this concert.

“I give you a moment of pure joy and bliss, all you need is music & a smile”

Alan pulls out some “Great Big Sea” usually to add to the current selection of songs… He pulled out a few from way back in the earlier days…Captain Kidd, Run runaway, old black rum and Lukey. Oh boy, did I feel like I was in high school again, that’s when I discovered my admiration for Alan and his great talent.

Back to the present day… Alan Doyle has given my spirits a boost. I am a half marathoner and proudly so, tripping (runners nightmare) wasn’t fun. I had attached myself to 2 Alan Doyle songs released 9 days prior. Those songs were Now or never and close to the sun… he sang now or never, I sang along and teared up immediately. It was right after Captain Kidd, that took me back to 9th grade, I had tears of shock and amazement. I got through my half marathon humming and internally singing 🎤 those two songs, Alan has a way of putting out songs that end up being very meaningful to me, I appreciate that. Very few other artists can do this, but Alan does it well. You’re beautiful to me!

My arms and doors are open wide,


Remember to smile…

When someone remembers your smile it means a lot. I have run into people over the years that haven’t seen me in a very long time. And we’ve rekindled friendships, this one meeting was a shocker… I haven’t seen this person since I was around 19 years old. The context is, I was riding my bike along the Petitcodiac River on the trail and someone who had all her valuable possessions on a dolly was having a hard time to move it. The dolly was zig zagging (hard to steer). I was just being my pleasant self and smiled and made small talk as I rod around her. Little did I know on my way back on the riverfront trail I’d meet her again…I said some more small talk and she suddenly blurts out Charlotte… It’s Misty. I remember that smile.

Misty had always had a rough go of it. I remember from my earliest memories she’d be in foster homes and was not stable. Sadly it continues as an adult. She lives anywhere and everywhere her feet are, it’s a reality check that even in the rough times I have life worth living in full colour. She looked veryaged and rough around the edges… And was just pushing her dolly full of her stuff.

You never know who or or why someone will remember you even many years later! Be you and keep being authentically you.


Hmmm photos

Preparation for Bluenose

Signs of spring

Food, glorious food!

Bike adventures in Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe. Path less traveled makes the best adventures.

Comment, what makes you feel alive?


Recalibrate (short term) long term gain

Longevity is created by being the authentic you. Sometimes looking back gets you farther. Recently looking back has given me a recalibration on where I’m heading. Now that I’m here I’d like to share a short term goal with you, starting May 19th to July 1st 2018 I’ll be doing most of my 2018 races. Starts with a 5k in May, 2 weeks later 10k on June 3rd, 20 days until another 5k June 23rd and July 1st 5k. I don’t know why I am subjecting myself to such a tight race schedule. It just ends up being tight to keep me in decent shape this spring.

Speaking of spring, I did a couple of long rides of about 10k recently and enjoyed every bit of them. My bike is as important as a car is to most people. I don’t personally have the desire to drive a car. I take my bike 🚲 and use it as my car. It’s a less expensive and is a economical option. It’s a very good cross training option for me as a runner. I feel “free” when I’m on my bike!

Inspiring, one adventure at a time,


When life…

When life gives you a sign…or many signs, you go with it! I recently got to see stars (yes a band from Montreal). I came to know them because of a first play live on CBC Music in 2014. This band came from a wave of bands such as Broken Social Scene, Feist and Arcade Fire.

Amy Millan, oh my… there are no words to adequately describe how much I appreciate her. I’m going to try though. Fierce, fun, keen sense of observation, connector and proud. These are just a few words to describe Amy.

Some words to describe Stars as a whole are underrated, powerful, lyrically gifted, truth tellers. The whole show was a surreal moment, it seemed to go by quickly because it was one huge “mush” fest. I admit not many bands make me feel secure enough to dance like no one is watching. Lyrics are a key to good music, Stars has a songbook filled with their truth. The raw snippets of time are very descriptive and take you on a surreal journey.

I was super pumped to win 2 spots to this concert…I wasn’t disappointed! I got to hear my absolute favourite stars song Hold on when you get love and let go when you give it. Hence the photos with “take the weakest thing in you and beat the bastards with it” and “hold on when you get love and let go when you give it”.

I’m thankful for the surreal becoming real.