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Power of a mighty scoop

It’s such a treat having a weekly ice cream. Summer weekends aren’t complete until an ice cream is consumed. This ice cream stand is a local favourite and I happen to know the owner! I’ve frequented this shop for at least 3 or 4 years, it’s been so long I can’t be more exact. Friendly and courteous staff is  always a hit with me & some of them have good memories, they remember me & my parents from previous years! 

I give it 5 out of 5 ⭐️’s 

This week I got my ice cream eaten (one spoonful) by mom. It’s out of character for her to do that too. 


My 18 year old self…advice

The world gives you what you need (in mysterious ways sometimes). During this process it takes patience and perseverance to get there. When the crap hits the fan it flys, when you get good stuff ride with it as long as you can. When you get there keep going to exhaust all possibilities (going beyond). Be adventurous but calculated, risk vs reward. 

The biggest moment to memory in 2017 will be my half in October. This is such a big task to take on. I’m ready and able. 

Who knew 17 years after high school I’d be running, adventuring and being able to even think of attempting a half marathon. The collective moments have brought me here & will keep me going one step at a time! 


Coming around…

Life without something special is still worth living. Murphy is part of many small journeys in my life. He’s been with me throughout death (Grampy F) in 2007, helped me overcome many adversities and helped with my mental health journey. The greatest attribute of a pet is how you feel. I caught myself laughing at the Petsmart commercial (baby I’m worth it) and crying at the same time.  No regrets! 

My running has taken a backseat to biking. I’ve explored and am getting out as often as I can. This weekend being Father’s Day I take a moment to remember & thank dad. He’s been through the ruff lately with work going every direction and life happenings that seem unfair. I thank him for adventures past & present, because they’re gifts! 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s who read this. 


Murphy ( long, loved life)

May 26, 2017 I was over visiting dad when the phone rang. I heard it was my brother and dad moved over a couch cushion to take the call.
Earlier that day dad was at work and saw my brother doing a quick job that needed to be done. My brother mentioned that a lump on Murphy was found and he was scheduled to get it checked out later on. Dad asked my brother to call him when he found out. This moment I was experiencing was the moment we found out Murphy had a cancerous lump.
I’m using the first initials of my brother & sister in law in the next part.

“Just in case J gets emotional I sent her this & I want you to read this too.”
“Hey J I’m letting you know that I know about Murphy, I found out when D was updating dad. I’m feeling all the feels too. I know it’s not easy but Murphy has (had) a noble and cherished life because of you & D. I’m grateful for this. Hugs and love ~~Charlotte give Murphy an extra hug for me please!”

For those of you who don’t know Murphy is a SPCA adoptee & is the first dog in my life. Tucker maybe the first pup in my life but Murphy is the first dog. Back in 2005 Murphy was adopted & given a chance to thrive. He was just over 1 year old when he was adopted.
I remember the three leaps he did the first time he met me, after dad went to see him. At this point dad had gotten to meet & get to know Murphy because of how close my brothers house was to work.
The moment I laid eyes on Murphy he became my best support for unconditional love, I knew what it meant to love & be loved without judgement. The first Christmas (2005) we spent the day with my brother at his house because the house I grew up in was for sale. That was a prime bonding moment and the tradition continued.

From the start I’ve never regretted anything, who knows what type of life Murphy would have had if it wasn’t for my brother & sister in law.

This is the last photo of Murphy and me! He was loving on a little dog on the opposite side of the street. From day 1 to now, I’ve been loved and loved a bit bigger thanks to Murphy.

Murphy is in our hearts ♥️ June 13th, 2017.

June joys (adventuring) 

More Parks Canada adventures…
My first Parks Canada adventure for 2017 took me to great heights and a great view from The Halifax Citadel Historic site (first views from inside the fort) May 20,2017. My second Parks experience for 2017 (June 10,2017) was a visit to Kouchibouguac national park about 1 hour from Moncton in Kent County New Brunswick. 

Barrier islands,sand dunes,salt marshes, lagoons and forest make up the park. The most popular and my favourite part of the park is Kelly’s Beach. This was our destination since the planning stages. Kelly’s beach is a long barrier sand dune that protects the inner lagoons and forest from the raging waters wraths. The walk out to the beach is about 1k (boardwalk) it gives you a chance to see tidal pools that include fish from their tiniest moments (Minos). This was where I saw an eagle flying overhead (looking for fish).  

This was an afternoon trip, we left Moncton just before noon, we got to the park just before 1pm. We made our way to Kelly’s Beach, stayed for about 2 hours. As I walked out on the boardwalk something jogged my memory. I looked around at the vast marsh & lagoons and then remembered I actually did set foot in that park in the late 80’s (I was 4 or 5). I guess the mind is a powerful tool, 30 years later I still remember it. Parents brought a picnic (including a slice of coconut cream pie for me) and I waded in the water to cool off while mom & dad lounged on the beach blanket enjoying the views. 

This is where moments become memories, one adventure at a time! 

Eagles above, feet below! 

A view from the water

Mom & dad ahead of me 

About half way to the beach & yes that’s official Parks Canada head gear. I forgot my hat & needed something to cover my head. 

Closer look at my parks Canada head gear! 

Adventure on,


Broken not bent 

Since last weekend (Victoria day weekend), it’s been a rough ride. I’m not feeling like my normal self. I feel sluggish and anxious. I had a rough sleep, basically no sleep. This is a first, normally even if it takes me forever to get there, I do sleep. I went & tried to sleep about midnight. I got 3/4 of the way to sleep & that’s the way I stayed most of the night, I woke with the day rise and that’s where I am (WIDE awake).