June joys (adventuring) 

More Parks Canada adventures…
My first Parks Canada adventure for 2017 took me to great heights and a great view from The Halifax Citadel Historic site (first views from inside the fort) May 20,2017. My second Parks experience for 2017 (June 10,2017) was a visit to Kouchibouguac national park about 1 hour from Moncton in Kent County New Brunswick. 

Barrier islands,sand dunes,salt marshes, lagoons and forest make up the park. The most popular and my favourite part of the park is Kelly’s Beach. This was our destination since the planning stages. Kelly’s beach is a long barrier sand dune that protects the inner lagoons and forest from the raging waters wraths. The walk out to the beach is about 1k (boardwalk) it gives you a chance to see tidal pools that include fish from their tiniest moments (Minos). This was where I saw an eagle flying overhead (looking for fish).  

This was an afternoon trip, we left Moncton just before noon, we got to the park just before 1pm. We made our way to Kelly’s Beach, stayed for about 2 hours. As I walked out on the boardwalk something jogged my memory. I looked around at the vast marsh & lagoons and then remembered I actually did set foot in that park in the late 80’s (I was 4 or 5). I guess the mind is a powerful tool, 30 years later I still remember it. Parents brought a picnic (including a slice of coconut cream pie for me) and I waded in the water to cool off while mom & dad lounged on the beach blanket enjoying the views. 

This is where moments become memories, one adventure at a time! 

Eagles above, feet below! 

A view from the water

Mom & dad ahead of me 

About half way to the beach & yes that’s official Parks Canada head gear. I forgot my hat & needed something to cover my head. 

Closer look at my parks Canada head gear! 

Adventure on,



Looking back & reminiscing

I needed a day away from the hustle & bustle of city life, to my surprise when I asked if my parents could take me to Fundy National park (they said yes)! Mom had worked a long set of continuous shifts so we decided we should get away on a Monday. I packed my jacket & some water, my parents packed a picnic and off we went.

Our first stop after paying admission was the headquarters red chairs (on the bluff). We stopped quick enough to enjoy the view (that’s what the red chairs are about rest & a view) and plan our trails for the day.

First off we went to Herring Cove the sight of the Quietest Concert Ever in 2015. We walked down 150 stairs and showed mom where dad & I had partied on the ocean floor in 2015. Then we rounded the corner to a less strenuous set of stairs up to the coastal trail, mom took the lead on this root filled path and got us back to where we started (parking lot).

Then we went to the point Wolfe river & picnic area, where I found another set of chairs while getting photo bombed by my parents in the car. We crossed over the covered bridge to our picnic area a familiar place because as kids the entire family would celebrate my paternal grandmothers birthday in the park. It’s ironic because her birthday was July 30th (around this time of year).

Our final destination was another familiar trail, Dickson Falls. This loop takes you down & up many stairs while experiencing the ragged terrain. The last time I was there I complained about the stairs, this time did them with gusto. The moss filled gorge is about 10 degrees cooler at the bottom. It was worth it. I did the larger loop, in one spot you have to hike over rocks right next to the brook. Dad & I did the larger loop, mom was tired. She had a mini snooze in the car (it’s how we found her upon arriving back at the car).

We started back to Moncton, this time my parents splurged and got us some famous Kelly’s Bakery sticky buns (we were lucky they just came out of the oven), I had my 2 and off we went homeward bound.

It was a blast from the past,