Feet planted (wherever)

I feel bold, wherever my feet are. This photo is of significance because beside me is the Petitcodiac river. The river ebbs and flows from the bay of Fundy, the highest tides in the world. I hear, see or feel something special every time I’m near.

Home is by the sea…any body of water really.

I keep saying that living in Moncton I take the river for granted. I know where it flows from and it’s a pretty impressive. About 50 feet (15m) worth of water separates you from the ocean floor. Yes, walking or running on the ocean floor is amazing, think of a concert at low tide. I’ve been at Herring cove beach in Fundy national park (many times) and in 2015 I experienced the quietest concert. Listening to the concert on headphones was like taking you phone, tablet or device and listening to it.

This was my view from a rock on the edge of the riverbank.

Sometimes when I’m in a mood I gaze skyward. Yes, I admit sometimes my head is in the clouds.

This particular night, I looked down to find a 5$ bill.

My point is when you’re not looking for anything specific, you can find what you need and so much more. The intention was a walk to clear my mind and re focus.

I live in a place of magic and wonder… I’m fortunate to be where my feet are planted, wherever that may be.



The other side of Awesome

“I lace up to remind myself and others that just on the other side of your comfort zone is where growth happens and moments become memories. Some of the best and biggest growth moments are because of running and my running community.”

This is an easy post because of the material to cover. It’s hard to believe that a goal was to get a personal best time in any distance in 2018. My goal is not easy and hasn’t been, since January 2018 the weather has been off. I mean way off… the cold and dampness continues even to this day. I’m not the only one complaining.

My first trail race and first of two 10k races wasn’t a walk in the park. From the start it was an adventure, an adventure worth taking. The winds were ferocious and I swear at the back of the pack (where I proudly and boldly execute my race) the gusts were 75-80 k. The winds were not co operating they weren’t in your face or at your back… they were diagonal. This is the kind of winds and conditions I don’t do well in because I’ve been “blessed” with arthritis symptoms. I haven’t been diagnosed officially but know the symptoms because both sides of my family have diagnosed arthritis. The dampness makes me cold to the bone and it takes a long time to get warm again.

I felt good the first and last 2k were in the woods sheltered away from the wind and boldly that’s where I made my moves, on minor trail inclines. The middle 6k was on an open trail (causeway) over a salt marsh. I can’t believe I cut through the winds as well as I did. Now the suspense can come to an end… previous 10k personal best was 1:45:36 and it stood from my first ever 10k in May 2014. My new personal best is now 1:44:58 that’s 1:18 off.

I ran that marsh (we turned At 3/4 of the way out on the marsh).

When I got back to Moncton, I decided to see how I did. When I found out I personal best my 10k was amazing.

My second and final 10k is at Maritime Race Weekend in September. That’s also put on by the same race director as the Tidal Trail. Because I’m doing both races, I’m getting an extra medal a super Nova medal. I’m doing 2X10k and 1X5k. That’s 25k worth of work.

Breakdown is tidal trail 10k and Maritime Race Weekend Tartan Twosome 5/10k.

Keeping it real and raw,


Focus (here & there)

A quick post to let you know… I’m on my way to my first of 2X10k races in 2018. My intentions were to do 10k more often and voila, I’m doing 2 X 10k!

Not what I was hoping for…

humidity + charlotte = 🤢 72 hours from race day and hydration is key! Im not messing this up…I’m setting myself up for awesomeness. It’s time for an adventure & for me to triumph over the trail! I had a failed attempt at trying a trail run in 2017. No spots left in a race shortly after you hear about it, it happened to be on your birthday, put a damper on it. Then a week before the same race I got an email saying there were spots on a relay team…I’d gotten over it. I said I’m occupied on that date, but thanks for thinking of me.

I’ll become a trail runner, come hell (the heat) or high water (I’m running on the salt marsh trail).


Hell of a ride…

You’re probably sick of my Bluenose Running posts, ok I get it… I’m now going to prepare you for my second race and second trip to Nova Scotia. I’m heading back for my first official trail race! It’s the Tidal Trail race on the salt marsh trail in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Yes, the home of Sydney Crosby of NHL fame. I swore the first time I did races close together (back to back races/weekends in 2015) I’d not do that again. Well this setup is almost as bad, Bluenose, a weekend off and then the Tidal Trail 10k. The weekend in between seems cruel, mind games are creeping in… thank goodness they’re leaving just as quick as they came.

A reminder, my 3rd race is June 23 and 4th is July 1st. That’s even more of a quick turnaround. Those are 2 fun races, one is at the Greater Moncton Airport in support of united way and July 1st is Canada day 🇨🇦.

Tidal Trail is brought to you by Michelle Kempton, the race director of Maritime Race Weekend. In its second year, this race includes a 10k and 15k option. It was included in the Saturday part of Maritime Race Weekend (an afternoon 15k run) in 2017. After feedback it got its own weekend, no cranky/overtired volunteers, race director or participants needed. The 10k is mid morning (10am) and the 15k is early afternoon (1pm). The races are capped at 500 participants each. I’m looking forward to becoming an official trail runner and seeing how my 10k legs feel. Ironically, my other 10k is in September at Maritime Race Weekend.

Happy trails,


My truth about 5k…Bluenose

5k racing is a mind game that I’m still figuring out. Not every race can be good, but try to find good in every race.

The community of racing is the best thing, my parents are going the distance and are always there to encourage me. This year at Bluenose a long time family friends surprised me at the start. Veronique and her mom Josette. Veronique was doing a half that was originally for her sister, so no registration was lost. This was a great gesture, but it threw me off.

I celebrated my 6th Bluenose race in 5 years. The community has been growing from that first Bluenose until now, it keeps growing.

This is the 2018 #TeamCBC Nova Scotia 5k crew. Even in the 5k there are mini hills…yes I know it’s Hill-afax!


1-2k went by quickly, I felt ok and was ready. Very excited at the possibilities.

3k-4K was rough and I slowed my pace to a decent pace (ended up feeling like a crawl)

4-5k was slow and steady. I even documented on video my 5th year finish.

Here’s proof of documentation…

Even in the struggles of training and execution this race is truly one for the memory bank. I didn’t loose momentum this past winter and it felt like a great way to start my 2018 race season.

CharFlew :

Post race Bluenose 2018

It’s my first Medal Monday for 2018 and it’s also a holiday in Canada.

I have now done Bluenose 5 years in a row and can celebrate 6 victories.

Each one of these medals wasn’t easy to achieve, like every race you put in many hours of time. Even in a 5k I spend 4-8 hrs a week running for up to 10 weeks before race day, and many more un calculated hours cross training or just adventuring. This is how I keep myself sane.

Even a 5k has its many challenges, it’s a short burst of hell. Even though I do many 5k races, it gives me enough time to challenge myself.

In 2018 I’m upping the number of 10k’s I’ll do to 2. I’ll do the first of 2 10k on June 3rd and the other in September. 10k is enough of a challenge still, it’s become easier with hard work. My first 5k of 2018 was to gauge where I am physically. I’m glad to say I’m where I wanted to be. I didn’t loose momentum this past winter.

I want this blog post to serve as a reminder, a body is capable of many things! If you work for it, you can achieve it!


Pre race day, no days left…

Today is all about the chill, I went out for coffee and now I’m at mom & dads. The night before any race day or race travel day, I spend the evening before resting and fuelling at their place.

I mean really chill, ☕️ coffee on the patio was brisk but gorgeous none the less.

Now I chill, and get ready for my early morning…6 AM and by 3PM, it’ll be all over and I’ll be on my way towards home.

A race recap will happen, just give me time and you’ll know how I did.


2 days until Bluenose race day

2 days out from any race I PLAN… my outfit and needed equipment. I start to go over route in my head (if I’ve done it before) or research any new routes.

I plan my hydration strategy and get extra if needed.

I plan my outfit to travel in. I can quickly change before the race and quickly slip it on after the race to travel home in.

I plan my race day bag.

I finish all this planning with a comfy day before race outfit, because I visit my parents (even in local races) the night before a race or travel day.

This is how you plan for a race… Night before any race I set out what I think I’ll wear (they call these Flat… in my case Flat Charlotte). You can never be too prepared for a race or any weather at any race. When I am able my race bib (race number) is included in the flat version of yourself. This is to help avoid forgotten or necessary things. This race, I’m traveling the day of and get my race number a few hours before race time.

Ready and raring to go,


3 days until Bluenose race day

3 days out you do only what’s needed and rest up to be your best on race day.

Oh my nerves would start to get the best of me if it was any other race. Since I’ve done this race before. I have a PLAN. That’s the key word for 2 days until Bluenose race day.