Recalibrate (short term) long term gain

Longevity is created by being the authentic you. Sometimes looking back gets you farther. Recently looking back has given me a recalibration on where I’m heading. Now that I’m here I’d like to share a short term goal with you, starting May 19th to July 1st 2018 I’ll be doing most of my 2018 races. Starts with a 5k in May, 2 weeks later 10k on June 3rd, 20 days until another 5k June 23rd and July 1st 5k. I don’t know why I am subjecting myself to such a tight race schedule. It just ends up being tight to keep me in decent shape this spring.

Speaking of spring, I did a couple of long rides of about 10k recently and enjoyed every bit of them. My bike is as important as a car is to most people. I don’t personally have the desire to drive a car. I take my bike 🚲 and use it as my car. It’s a less expensive and is a economical option. It’s a very good cross training option for me as a runner. I feel “free” when I’m on my bike!

Inspiring, one adventure at a time,



First of 2018…

I’m currently on my favourite trail, using my favourite transportation method. I am on my bike, on the Riverfront trail. The snow is still melting and quickly, I’m still out there!

I rode my bike from Mike’s bike shop. Down Dieppe Blvd to chartersville rd, down to Acadie Ave. From Acadie I went to virgine, rode to the trail head and back to Moncton in about 45-60 minutes. This is the kind of workout I love, wild and free to ride where I see fit.

Adventuring on my own terms,



The moment you just give in, life throws you…

Life throws you many clues. Freezing cold weather (it’s April not November), your general mood is not at full strength (depression kicks my butt) and I’m giving myself a gift of an extra treat soon (can you say yoga). The ebb and flow of life can be high to low in a split second.

I’m NOT ready for winter to hang on, I’m not enjoying this (I’m not the only person either), life throws you all over the place.

I’ll keep cozy and warm just bit longer,


Adventures in training…

Happy March, so it begins… my training schedule for my 2018 race season. It’s been a varied month.

My March training schedule was looking like a great plan… a wrench or two got thrown in. Even the best plans need some tweaking. I knew there were going to be some days I’d have to skip and place it on other days. Hill training was a big one. I had to rearrange my schedule 3 out of 4 weeks due to snow or family time. I missed one week of hill training because of 2 storms on consecutive training days (14/16).

The winter and early spring is always a toss up on what type of day you’ll be given… one thing for sure is you’ll never know what you’ll get. This training schedule helped me to my first 5k personal best in 2014. I’m trying for a new personal best in 2018 in either 5/10k. Train on your own terms.


Struggle & joy…

Today is a bad day, I’ve been having a down slide recently. Trying to re arrange and execute my run training plan has been difficult due to weather and my own doing. It’s a fickle month, it can go from brisk cold to warm in a few hours. My body rebels against itself during these type of temperatures. Both sides of my family have arthritis… I’m feeling it’s an undiagnosed part of me.

These are the days that you’ll remember when you’re sweating and hot later in your running adventures.

This particular day, was the first time I returned to the 2 & 15k mark of my half marathon. These 2 places were both a stumbling block and a place of renewed faith in my half adventure. This day I had doubt turn into reconciliation of what is, was and what will be!

Adventure on your own terms,


Runs, all the runs !

I’ll start you here…I’ve been running since summer of 2013. My first race was October 27 2013 in Moncton (my hometown). It was a race that I’d seen run many times before and knew one day I’d run it. 2018 marks year 5 running and oh the stories!

My 2018 running/training season started the first week of March. Right from the start I have a busy schedule. My runs/races start with a 5k May 19th in Halifax (Bluenose), then I do my first official trail race on June 3rd (tidal trail 10k) in Cole Harbour these two runs are in Nova Scotia the province next door to my province. June 23rd comes with a 5k runway run at the airport (YQM) and Canada day (July 1st) a 5k in my hometown. Then I don’t race until September when I go back to Nova Scotia for a tartan twosome 5/10k (September14/15) at Maritime Race Weekend. Then my last race of the calendar year which starts my running year is October 21st legs for literacy (my hometown race) that’s an undetermined distance for now. I’m thinking 5k, it’s what I wanted to do since that same race in 2017. I’m trying at some point in 2018 to get a new personal best time in any distance. I’ll give you a wrap up on March training soon, it’s been a very good exercise is adapting.

Run on, one step at a time


Thursday thoughts

Today being International women’s day I salute all those fierce women who are true to themselves, never waver in their convictions and stand up for their beliefs because we need more people like this in our lives!

How can I say this…I’m frozen and my feelings are bubbling over. That’s a polite way of saying a sarcastic thanks to my landlord for not even putting a snowblower path to our front door (it’s what he normally would do). Then as the world often does, it works in mysterious ways, the city plow put chunks of frozen slush on my clean path to the door. I cleaned the path twice in about 3 hours. Karma does work in mysterious ways because I failed to do my Wednesday run and got Thursday cardio instead. I won’t be Friday running either. The ice has built up on roads & sidewalks. My first week of training for Bluenose has been a wonky week. Hills for Sunday dinner and a long recovery walk Monday and that’s it for now. Soon enough I’ll put the pedal to the metal, the goal is within sight!

Long live the frozen moments that lead you to sunny runs ahead!

Speaking of Bluenose they won a sustainable sport event prestige award, sponsored by CBC Sports, from the sports event Congress by CSTA (Canadian sport tourism alliance). Now that’s a lot of waste diversion, reusable bottles and smart management of resources right there. Just one of many reasons why I LOVE Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia!


The truth stings

I don’t have any specifics about who or why I write this post. I do know the truth about hurt. I feel this series of events is being bent out of shape for some views I expressed to the person concerned. He’s like me and goes through the ebb & flow of depression and other mental illness, it’s no excuse to ignore a harmless birthday tweet. He’s responded to every other tweet. I am not surprised, I’m rather shocked though. I took a few seconds to do something and I’m being ignored. I took responsibility for a previous tweet I tweeted and how my feelings are just that my feelings. In the large scope of things it stings, but a sting that keeps you on guard. My eyes are wide open. It could be me too, I don’t hashtag every tweet either, he could be reading the hashtag tweets. I’m baffled 😕