Cautionary tale…

I was at an inaugural yoga fest recently, from the get go issues ensued. I normally would avoid a not recommended type post but this needs to come out. If you're in Moncton New Brunswick Canada and want to do yoga I need to caution you on Melika Baccouche. I feel bad but her actions during yoga fest could have been taken as verbal assault. This was in front of others in the wellness community (her peers). All because I wanted shade and there was a bench behind "her space" in a public gathering. One of her fellow yogis and a friend of mine sat there in shock and she apologized for Melika's actions. She threw herself between me and Melika to avoid issues. Thank you!

This is what I wrote on my Facebook and thought I'd send it along (the second paragraph).

Then I received this response which doesn't surprise me about the mediator.

Then I rambled on and thanked the mediator and meant every word I said…

So my advice is not all personalities get along with everyone but know if you find yourself in a class with her or by her, she is a strong personality to deal with. That's my cautionary tale!

Yes, I had an issue with an owner of a yoga studio her dad (who's obviously part owner) said right in front of me (a potential client) that because of who I knew I was guilty by association and he talked about spending money on new items to sell right in front of a stranger. That's what put my guard up, I don't take well to behind the scenes stuff that's not my business to start with. I wanted some information from his daughter after a yoga session as I was asking her dad came up to where I was and my hairs on the back of my neck stood up, he wouldn't leave when I asked him for space his daughter took that as negative vibes and said so. Sadly I write this last sentence…you get what you give.



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