Harper (melts heart & made it whole again)

What ever has been the matter….I've been in a funk lately and like my last post mentioned it was by surprise, I was told about Harper. I got to officially meet our newest addition and I'm in love. Tucker the first doodle of the family was also the first puppy.

I wasn't a fan of puppy Tucker but this time around we all learned and it was a bit better. At just under 9 weeks (they've had Harper 1 week) he's actually not that "bad". In the teething stage Harper decided he loved my toes and feet so it was the worse part of not having socks on. Nibble nibble! Harper took a liking to my dad's laces on his sneakers and then my moms fancy crocks . Harper quickly learned no those weren't toys. I'm sitting here outside with cleansing tears in my eyes. Tucker is an amazing big "Bro-fur". I am impressed at Tucker's patience as a little "bugger" gets used to everything and everyone.

Born on June 5th in an area of Nova Scotia near Antigonish (my heart started to melt right there) called Malignant Cove. I've peeked on the breeders Facebook and it melted my heart even more. They had a check up the day before my brother got to visit the first time.

Lover of air vents, long snoozes. A pup who made me whole again one kiss at a time! The world is big Harper, you've wound yourself around my heart strings and already have given so much (I've only met him once). This big world will be best viewed from sniffing range.

Your Auntie C loves you to the moon & back (now until the end)!



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