Parks Canada adventure (manicured to matured)

When I was very young some of my first memories of Fundy national park were very well maintained and trimmed surroundings. This is still the same but something’s different. The trees in spots you were able to peek over them are now left un trimmed (only cut if needed) and path sections are turned over to nature (let her guide your way)! 

This leads me to my first Fundy Park adventure for 2017. Parks Day (July 15, 2017) was spent being one with nature & exploring paths less travelled. I haven’t been up on the trails near the point Wolfe campground since I was 9-10 (now 34). This re opening of this trail was an extra special gift (one for the memory bank). The guest of honour was none other than the federal minister of Environment/Climate & Parks Canada Catherine McKenna. A short but sweet chat as she found out the tides turn quickly.

The photos don’t do justice to the vast larger than life landscape! This is a moment of deep reflection as my week has had many of these moments. 

My tears in a clip of video were cleansing tears. I had a melt down, only to re build my love of nature & how I need to be one with her, not against her (being non active). There’s true passion behind what Minister McKenna says, what she & other members of the federal parliament do isn’t easy. When a person in such a position can take time to be “normal” (even with a tiny security detail with her) it brings me to a position of respect, great respect. Even if some of her actions are above my head I can be present in the moment to realize, being a human in a great big world is sometimes gnarly, the moments you can bring relative normality to are key to making memories. Minister McKenna brought her kids on the hike with us & even spent time enjoying the atmosphere & great hospitality of Alma, the gateway town to Fundy Park. 

You can see she even liked my tweets that I sent her and quoted one to boot! That’s how you make memories one step at a time both in real life and social media moments. 

I’m fortunate to live in a place where “rush hour” isn’t an hour, it’s sometimes just minutes or I can leave my house and be at Kouchibouguac or Fundy Park in about an hour or less is mind blowing. We need to re focus every once in a while on the priorities of life. Sometimes those priorities need to be about you. That’s what my recent visits to national parks & historic sites has done…me time! 

Moments to memories my mantra is true yet again! 


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