Canada Day 2017

The biggest take away from my Canada Day in 2017 is that even in rocky times, we can come together and start a road to reconciliation. 

These photos were of a dance put on by all “tribes” and places where indigenous people are in New Brunswick and The  Atlantic Ballet Theater. This was part of our Canada day celebration in Moncton. I strongly believe and have witnessed many gatherings that have touched me. Coming from New Brunswick and understanding the fight for various “rights” leads me to this statement… “I believe that no matter the struggle that peoples of all races, colour and creeds can be a united voice for change one gesture at a time.” Bearing witness to “whites” uniting with the various Elders and peoples from all First Nation backgrounds in New Brunswick has given me another layer of respect. I grew up with some teachings of the first peoples in Canada. The big thing that scares me is the few that were there to cause harm that effected generations. We are all people just trying to be part of society and build a better place for all ! 
This is what Canada means to me!


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