Murphy ( long, loved life)

May 26, 2017 I was over visiting dad when the phone rang. I heard it was my brother and dad moved over a couch cushion to take the call.
Earlier that day dad was at work and saw my brother doing a quick job that needed to be done. My brother mentioned that a lump on Murphy was found and he was scheduled to get it checked out later on. Dad asked my brother to call him when he found out. This moment I was experiencing was the moment we found out Murphy had a cancerous lump.
I’m using the first initials of my brother & sister in law in the next part.

“Just in case J gets emotional I sent her this & I want you to read this too.”
“Hey J I’m letting you know that I know about Murphy, I found out when D was updating dad. I’m feeling all the feels too. I know it’s not easy but Murphy has (had) a noble and cherished life because of you & D. I’m grateful for this. Hugs and love ~~Charlotte give Murphy an extra hug for me please!”

For those of you who don’t know Murphy is a SPCA adoptee & is the first dog in my life. Tucker maybe the first pup in my life but Murphy is the first dog. Back in 2005 Murphy was adopted & given a chance to thrive. He was just over 1 year old when he was adopted.
I remember the three leaps he did the first time he met me, after dad went to see him. At this point dad had gotten to meet & get to know Murphy because of how close my brothers house was to work.
The moment I laid eyes on Murphy he became my best support for unconditional love, I knew what it meant to love & be loved without judgement. The first Christmas (2005) we spent the day with my brother at his house because the house I grew up in was for sale. That was a prime bonding moment and the tradition continued.

From the start I’ve never regretted anything, who knows what type of life Murphy would have had if it wasn’t for my brother & sister in law.

This is the last photo of Murphy and me! He was loving on a little dog on the opposite side of the street. From day 1 to now, I’ve been loved and loved a bit bigger thanks to Murphy.

Murphy is in our hearts ♥️ June 13th, 2017.


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