Eating Heritage (2)

When I was doing my research about Eating Heritage I stumbled upon the name Lindsey Shiefly. Upon further research I found out she’s one of 23 Jamie Oliver’s Super Food Ambassadors. 
Her story resonates with me because she revolutionized her family eating habits from yuck to yum. From non food (processed) to whole foods. She has a blog about food & adventures in sports (

The first day started with a foods in schools talk. I’m excited to say that progress has been made but hurdles do exist. 

Many hurdles…

Admin of schools vs food revolution = hesitation/not on board/ political
Various allergies sensitivities to food, because processed foods are gnarly and full of crap! 
Trial in error. Kids getting involved in prep! Suddenly the I’m not eating that or I don’t want to know what’s in this turns into, they start to like it and recognize what’s in it. 
Share in the successes. Be willing to share best practices and journeys, because we have kids who are watching closely. 
This leads me to Lindsey ‘s kids tasting…I was pleasantly surprised at how the kids absorbed what’s around them. I was surprised at how much they knew and for kids these vegetables/fresh local products were considered not “normal”. I guess the idea of “normal” varies a great deal. 
My absolute biggest surprise came with the words sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice AKA a gut shot. The sauerkraut almost everyone tried, then out comes the juice. Some of the littlest kids faces were priceless.
I tried it, if you want to try it beware the cabbage makes that juice slightly sweeter than just the juice. I found the juice “harder to consume” than sauerkraut itself. My belly at that point had 2X 750 ml of Kamboucha on board from the 2 previous days (my gut got a workout)! 
I gained so much from meeting Lindsey, I have a whole new respect for kids beware they are watching our every move. 

After the Foods in schools panelwith Lindsey Shiefly 

First attempt at kombucha consumption other than samples. 

The pure joy of a kids tasting

Yes, it was cooler than normal in Moncton so before departing one last photo. I do have a scarf on and yes I taught her that her hat is a toque here in Canada! 

One last anecdote about Lindsey, the first day Lindsey was the moderator of the foods in schools panel, after I went and met her…she looked at my necklace and said “that necklace means something to you doesn’t it”. I was surprised/happy,it took me until the next day to realize how the heck she knew that fact. I explained to her that it was my grandmother Melanson’s ring and that same grandmother collected Swarovski crystal figurines and that it was a Swarovski gem. Lindsey was the first person to recognize that fact, I still don’t have a clue how she knew, but she did. 



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