Eating Heritage (1)

I’m playing catch up on this post and want to do the subject justice, here’s my Eating Heritage slow food showcase/slow food Canada summit take aways. 

First off, I thought slow food was an elite group of over the top people, not so! Everyday people are trying to make better choices for all. 

A Network of people who learn, share and educate about food and it’s origins Seed to soup, from the ground up slow food people are passionate about their food, where it comes from & the reason why it’s consumed. 

The first lesson I learned is young people who get  involved in slow food are influenced by others. The “osmosis” theory of others trying it & liking it makes it appealing to youth that otherwise may not get the the opportunity to consume local fresh products. 

Align programs super cool/super healthy let the kids be the experts in what’s cool to eat (good food) and choose what products are made (swag). Kids are experts on what’s cool and facilitator are experts on what’s healthy. This leads me into part 2 coming soon (some experiences)~~CharFlew 


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