Adventures of the run (2)

After a race it hits you, I was tired. I quickly went back to the expo and said hi to John Stanton (founder of the Running Room stores), then up the hill I went with dad. Mom went to the car for a rest. 

The views are amazing from up on the hill, from inside they’re even more magical. 

I found where they shoot off the noon cannon (I’ve heard it many times). I got to “spy” over McNabbs Island, the home of Maritime Race Weekend (Eastern Passage/Cow Bay). The screen shot below is from a video I took. 

Then by this time dad had tried to put me in the fortress jail & tried to leave me in the soldiers barracks (winks) it didn’t happen folks. By this time it was getting close to the end of the day for all the Parks Canada folks, so we quickly managed the last few rooms that dad wanted me to see. Then like clock work, 4:45pm the soldiers on duty start to close things down, they secure the rooms they look after and walk to a room under the fort. 

The last two soldiers to leave are the ones who guard the entrance…this happened on my way out. 

Then off to dinner and the ride home. Dinner was 3 shared appetizers at Jack Astors a chain we don’t have in Moncton, then on our way home I had a mini panic moment. We stopped at the nearest parking lot and I collected my thoughts and got what I needed out of my bag. Before we started for home, I asked dad if I could have a piece of chocolate and I grabbed the 6th one in and took a tiny third of an already small square and it was yummy. Then we set off for home. 

The sunset was gorgeous… and once we got to my parents place that’s when dad divided the chocolate. I had 6 & he had 6, dad took mostly dark and I got more towards milk chocolate. I went to bed and ate my 6 sweet squares. I enjoyed them, a great treat for a job well done on my race & a bedtime snack. I follow the chocolate Hackers on Instagram and Facebook. As they shared their stories, I feel in love! When they announced Halifax would be home, I was over the moon happy. They feel in love with Atlantic Canada & now we can fall in love with them. Local finds (ingredients) make their way into their chocolate and that’s what’s wicked about the end product. Best wishes for August as your family grows by two little lady chocolate Hackers. If a chocolate hacker is at a market when I come back in September I may drop by again. 

The next day (Sunday) I was tracking some friends while they raced either a 10k,half or full marathon. While I was getting up I found my finishers medal tucked under the covers by my head. I enjoyed my sleep! 

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The moral of this race is “keep your head in it, because you can do it (even in adverse conditions)!”


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