Adventures of the run 

Pre race (the day of) we traveled from Moncton as we normally do, then it hit me we landed at our first destination to visit my friends from France who now call Halifax home. The chocolate hackers are an amazing couple that I originally met during a taping of Méchante Soirée in late 2016. As they were on a 30 day / 30 stop slow food adventure in the Atlantic provinces. Visiting local farms/producers and creating food from what was provided. 

I must mention that this couple also has been busy getting ready for parenthood (two little lady Chocolate Hackers will be born early August). 

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I looked at the vast city scape of Halifax (we were in Dartmouth), I was on an adventure. I snapped a few city scape selfies! I haven’t been in this area of Dartmouth since I was very young. 

After we picked up a box of chocolate squares we headed over the harbour to our final destination downtown Halifax where I’d be racing soon after.  

Over the MacDonald bridge we went. I got to the race expo and got my race kit and my team CBC shirt just in time for me to see the 4K youth run start. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm as I did at the start.

The 2k had just left as I came over Citadel hill, this  4K group was raring to go. 

Before the 4K group left I snapped this awesome photo. 

Myles (with the Blue nose) was dancing and I captured this photo the second he turned. 

The start was encouraging, because these are our future runners in the largest youth run in Canada. 

These kids…they also had the best teachers and family/friends supports (they even wore support crew race bibs)! This proves that Bluenose goes the extra mile to include as many people in all aspects of the race. Runners (each distance is different colour), team Myles (ambassador program), give’r crew (volunteers), support crew (friends family coaches) and Marathon team relay all have different “race number” bibs to identify each role. 

One of 3 amazing race directors that switch out from each other’s race as volunteers. Geri Wallace I send you loads of love because you made it the best time ever. Throwing minor changes in the 5k kept all of us on our toes and made it enough of a challenge but oh so worth it (wind and all )! 

 Some of these awesome people I haven’t seen since my first Halifax Team CBC adventures in 2015. I was surprised at a few 10k runners who decided to down grade to 5k. I was happy to see them. 

Proudly for year 3, I represented the sister Team CBC from Moncton. It’s equally amazing but the sheer numbers of Team members in Halifax was gnarly (around 100 people). Yes, about 100 people took part as Team CBC members. 

Then we went to the start…this is where I met my dentist, some former & current Team Myles ambassadors and mentors. Off we went to execute our races, what got me wasn’t the minor route change more than the almost 3000 runners. The sheer amounts of participants has gotten me since my first Bluenose 5k back in 2015. It’s a sight to behold waves of people in front & behind you. 

As I was nearing a reasonable end to this 5k (Bell road & around back of Citadel hill) it went from minor wind to head on wind (I slowed to a almost crawl) about 4.25 k to the finish. I received the best Go Charlotte from one of the greatest CBC employee cheer squads (Greg & Chantal) and the Dartmouth girls choir at this point. As I was nearing the finish another part of the trio of awesome CBC employee cheer squad came into view (it was Kelley to the rescue). It meant the world to see all three of them at various key points during the race. I may have been the last Team CBC person to cross the 5k finish, but I finished. I’m proud of that fact, last but not least! 

I did my 5k in 50:44 not my best or worse. 

My next blog will be about post race adventures in Halifax. Yes the chocolates were yummy  post 5k (not willingly but I shared). 

Run/Adventure on. 



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