Pre race…long weekend

It’s my first official run of the 2017 season. It’s time to Giv’er at Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m excited because the 5k route is changed ever so slightly. We are in the same general area with and extra out & back on a side street. An out & back is a U turn on a same street or set of streets. 

Welcome to the most interesting 5k I’ve done, I forgot to mention this is one long hill. Someone was scared of hills in a recent social media post and I wrote my next 5k is one long hill. Get over it, because a body can do much more than you know! 

Pre race so far…Tuesday paint nails (fingers & toes), Wednesday/Thursday prepare all stuff for Friday night at mom/dad’s & race day! Friday I’ll go to parents after lunch and sleep over because it’s easier for me to get up & going. Saturday will be travel & race day at 2PM Atlantic time! After my race we’ll go adventuring at Citadel Hill because I’ve been up the hill but never inside the fort…I’m 34! All parks Canada parks, places & historic sites are free this year for Canada 150! I gave my parents a free discovery pass for Christmas. We may as well use it to discover new places & re discover our favourites. 

For us in Canada it’s our first long weekend of the summer season. So from my house to yours, happy long weekend vibes. If you’re in a place that’s not Canada I send you weekend vibes just the same! Get out there & make it worthwhile. 

Run on! 


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