Sandy adventures 

Baby it was brisk, but worth it! 

I squatted down to get this shot… almost got my bum wet. 

Soaked and loving it…

Free foot scrub, remember that when you go to the beach next. 

Happy Charlotte, water makes me happy! It was brisk (brrrrr) the ice just left about 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t been warm enough to heat the water. 

I saved a baby lobster from kids with a stick, he was being jostled around by the surf. It was a windy day and the lobster wasn’t heavy enough. The kids did hold it and the parents got photos before I let it go out where the kids weren’t allowed. It was a sad sight because the lobster got turned around in the surf, it was heading back towards the beach. I put some sand over it and let it go. 


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