Cautionary tale…

What I’m about to present to your you is what happened in real life (my truth), it’s not meant to lay blame. This post is the finale of an eye opening story. The photos serve as a potential warning sign. I had a hard time putting constructive commentary together for this post. It has taken a week to process and create a positive yet accurate description of the events. The struggle is real. 


I cannot believe that the neighbour who was seriously troubled is now over the top, the night started when I heard a Big Bang from downstairs. Next thing I knew my landlords both came out and started to really understand what I’d been saying. They said you can’t do that and got very upset, I don’t know what started this episode what’s to come might scare you. I was settling in after a bike ride and walk when the episode began. Next thing I knew I was hearing one of my landlords calling the police, I went to get out of the house as one officer arrived, then two more. I explained what happened the previous night and said I live in the house and that I’d be back. When I went back you could cut the tension with a knife, one officer was taking the lead and the other 2 were settling the situation and taking evidence. 

Then about 30-45 minutes go by and then another car, this was the mental health mobile crisis unit. Two workers entered with a lead officer. Then it took a very long time to get a handle on the situation. I can’t believe what I heard, the guy was self medicating with street drugs and he was not getting help. He admitted to these acts. It’s sad when you get this low…he needs help and is refusing. After this was settled the only option given to him by the landlords was goodbye. The next day I found out he left hospital, on his own will, and was hanging out in the vacant lot next door all night. He came to collect his stuff and left. Before he left, he was staring into space (was very distant). This is what was on his wall that concerned me…” Free here but some have to pay.” The night before this unfolded he thought I was videoing him, I wasn’t. He said he’d kill me. 

That same night as he wanted to kill me he’d written all over the walls.

He was in a large scope ready to possibly take his life? I’ll never know…I don’t want to know.  

This is the end of this journey of Mental Illness, my biggest lesson learned is keep your eyes WIDE open & keep your ears peeled, because you never know what’s lays beneath. 




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