Frustration into…

It seems like this post could go either way, it will become clear and is positive. 
My Easter Weekend was frustratingly satisfying. My birthday 10k trail race hopes were dashed (it’s full). The response about a waiting list was if we add spots we’ll advertise. It’s left a bad taste in my mouth, I wanted to do a triple race Weekend. I emailed the race director and she said she could change my distances. It was in that moment that the coach side of her inspired me to go beyond myself again. From a moment of not thinking straight to become an inspired moment…I want to try a half marathon. This is the next logical jump in my running journey. 

I sent my dad a FB message, he responded with this on IMessage “Good for you. Brave to tackle such a big task. Practice,practice, practice. Run till yur dun” 🎽👟 

My new mantra Run till yur dun… it’s not the spelling that counts (in this case), it’s the meaning. It’s not what I thought dad would say, when I jumped from 5 to 10k or when I did a 5/10k Race Weekend he didn’t seem accepting, now he’s accepting this jump. I’m deciding that my half debut will take place in October at my hometown race, I have until May 15 (first price increase) to decide. As of now it’s a half. 
As I’m writting this I’m watching The Boston Marathon…it’s inspiring! 

One thought on “Frustration into…

  1. Half Marathon is a huge goal and I am very excited for you as you take on this new challenge. . Use your long training runs to figure out a hydration/ fuel strategy that works for You. Good luck, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Run till yur dun.


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