Will it end…? 

Its beginning all over again, now it’s getting personal. The neighbour who’s has manic tendencies is now telling me how to run my life…AH NO!

I was cooking mid day so I could be ready for dinner and he’s telling me not to use a fork in a pot, duh. I told him to go away and there he stayed. I yelled at him when I say go away you should go. Then he went on about his laundry set above medium load (large floods our landlords bedroom below). I said to him you shouldn’t do that and our landlord set it to medium. He ran his mouth about our landlords and I said they’ve been nothing but nice to you. Buying him basics that should be covered by him (dish soap). Our landlords would do anything for you (big hearts), but what I found out after frustrated me. Our landlords need to change jobs due to layoffs & one being part time. Then the same guy telling me what to do shoots his mouth off again and yet again I tell him I don’t care (in the large scope I don’t) and to leave until I’m done, then he left. I turned of the dryer until he returned (he put it back on thinking he turned it off). The only thing that’s frustrating me is he’s done laundry at night 2 weeks in a row, it’s not the actual laundry frustrating me, it’s the time of “day” he’s doing it at. Then he knocked at my door around 9 pm asking me to borrow a computer ( I said no because my device is more expensive then you’ll ever know) and was mad because you don’t knock at my door at that time of night.

The thing I didn’t tell you from earlier in the day was he got super mad when I asked him to leave the kitchen I said “I don’t care how frustrated you are, things won’t always go your way.” I have my anxious mind telling me to spill these beans to my landlords & my rational mind is saying let things unfold as they might. Either way it’s not been 100% recently. I did get out for a 2.5 k bike ride recently and I’m looking forward to more rides soon!

Here’s a recent photo of my happy place…by the sea!



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