Winter springy steps

7 weeks until 5k at Bluenose in Halifax (May 20th). 

This photo makes me feel damp & miserable. As you can see by my hair blowing straight back it’s been windy (it’s not in a ponytail). Who knew winter training would be a spring thing. Im afraid & ready for 7 weeks from now…I’m afraid for the repeat of the heat from 2016 & i’m ready because I learned to hydrate better since. 

Bluenose will be my first official race as a nuun (noon) hydration ambassador. This is one of a few Ambassador shots taken by my dad. I mentioned about learning how to hydrate better, nuun is part of my strategy. I’ve learned how to really make my water count and when to consume it for better performance. 

My nuun water bottle celebrates all of Canada, it’s a Run Ottawa bottle. It’s celebrating the entire country with landmarks & city scrapes from all regions for  🇨🇦 Canada 150. 

Let’s end this post on a great note… things can only get better because it’s change that brings the greatest experiences


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