Don’t know…

Don’t know where to start this running post. 

I guess I’ll start here… 7 weeks until Bluenose weekend in Halifax, those of you who know I’m a fan of a certain group (team). I decided as part of my monthly update on YouTube to take the long way around on one of my training runs. I normally don’t use the trail by the river because parts are gravel at best (mud most of the spring). I walked a 1k (warmup) then 2k running and 1k walk (cool down) all while making my way to Tim Hortons for a large milk double double dark roast. It’s always an adventure when you take the long way around! Hoping my bike will be serviced soon, winter is holding on (even if my calendar says spring). 



3 thoughts on “Don’t know…

  1. Who’d have thought that we would still be Winter Training in April ? Ahh. Spring weather will be here soon. Sadly one of the first signs of Spring is muddy trails, but we will be on them before you know it. Cheers!


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