Thursday thought

The medium is the message.  

The medium (social media), the message (your words/truth). This stood out for me in 2010 because the Olympics were held in Vancouver and even across the country I felt like I was there. It was a coming together of pride. 

Looking back since then I’ve been able & continue to share my stories of what goes on around me. In good and bad, I tell you my truth. It’s not always sunshine & rainbows but it’s my story. Life is an open ended book that you fill in to the best of your abilities at any moment. The one constant is that I learn things in every situation I put myself into. The most recent “issue” with my neighbour has made me realize many things, but the big thing is compassion. Even with the instability I try to understand as much as possible. Some stuff I don’t want to know or it’s beyond me. 

The many “adventures” I’ve been in or continue to associate with are the sum of my parts (like my blog bio states). I feel very fortunate that I am able to be present and learn in the process. Even if it takes reflection after a situation, I still enjoy learning. 

Now more than ever The medium is the message.  

 How do you see this quote in your life? 

Comments welcome!


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