Manic neighbour update…

An update on my manic neighbour, one day my landlord was downstairs and things got noisy. My landlord came up. My neighbour was asking about the internet, included in rent. I had to mention that my internet isn’t part of the internet provided. That’s another point of contention, because my neighbour un plugs his cable it interrupts mine. I believe that (the last time) he’s unplugging it out of frustration. The last time this happened I had to get my landlords husband to talk to him, when he knew I complained he plugged it back in. He hears things and is vocal, he told our landlord this. The exact things he told me. The difference this time is he added bullying on the internet and he’s hearing waves (like waves of internet frequency). I don’t hear them and I have sensitive hearing (I hear electric frequency from certain track lights). The reason I have my own internet is speed of upload and download. It’s easier to deal with my own if it suddenly stops etc. When everything calmed itself, I was shaking. Shaking because my landlord and her husband are getting the drift. It was a good shaking, not out of spite. That’s karma, I believe when you do good, try hard and tell your truth things start to come back to you. I believe he’s getting close if not on the last straw with our landlords. 

When you get what you give…you don’t always get what you want! 



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