Trapped in my own room…

When obsessing becomes mentally unsettling = update on neighbour he’s putting his nose where it shouldn’t be (in my business)!

I feel safe in telling my own truth, this scares me though. I’ve been scared for the last couple of months because my neighbour is over bearing and manic (according to my psychiatrist). 

I’ve been scared to leave my room much of the time. The cold brisk weather hasen’t helped. That’s why my last post “A K is still a K”. It was a brisk minus 20 plus it was windy. The wind/cold blew my mental sail off the charts, not in a good way. I was cold and all I wanted was some food and a good night sleep. I got the food and not a great sleep with time change and all. Minus an hour sleep…grrrrrr. 

I’ve come to hear that my neighbour is putting his nose into my business. Making me the point of reference when it comes to his manic chatter. I opened my door because it was hot in my room he said in French “mind your own fu–ing business”. If he can have his door open why can’t I? He’s saying you don’t have a job what do you do? It’s none of his business and what I do is struggle to be the best on any given day, I struggle to be part of my community, I do as much as my head & thoughts will let me that’s a struggle too. I’m ready to shout it to the world I’m sick but not weak. 

I looked in my eyes of a recent photo and saw I was hurting…all I want to do right now is cry. 

My eyes aren’t even able to make tears…I’ve had it with these mental games my neighbour has been playing (he said I was playing mind games with him), nope he’s doing it to himself. I’ve received many comments on recent post of how strong I am, well this proves I’m human and can have bad times along with the good. 

The lesson learned is that you keep your eyes wide open. 



3 thoughts on “Trapped in my own room…

  1. Love you Charlotte! You will get through this hard time. You can be strong and voice just how hard that can be. Keep talking it out.


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