What’s up?

I had to call police because I wasn’t sure why or how my neighbour would act. I got mad at him because I was taking responsibility for something I did & he was taking over. My psychiatrist thinks he’s manic based on the following that I have documented for 3 months. 


He gets agitated easily and has delusions (talks to himself outloud) all the time. He hears voices. In his head to do stuff and he does stuff repeatedly (brush his teeth or pee all the time). What he says doesn’t make sense to me. He was talking to me recently about this, he had certain objects in his pocket & keeps them there (same pocket all the time). He was talking about light effecting him and different zones of light. He is someone who drops things on a regular basis & brakes cups etc (getting his frustrations etc out). This is happening at night and I’m not the only person who’s scared my landlord is, her husband has been up at 4AM one day to see if he was ok. They now have to make a room in the basement to try & get a good rest. I’m also up at insane hours too. I feel like I get shot out of bed every time I hear this at night. More often than not I’m in deep sleep but not always. He’s also a very neat freak sanitizing everything. 

I had to tell my landlords what happened. I was taking responsibility and got to fix what was the matter at the start. 

It’s sad, I consider myself to have a decent life compared to some! 

Counting my blessing, 



6 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. That’s actually really interesting. I’ve been dealing with a tenant who lives right below my place and he’s a massive cleaning freak. He got on my case once because the stairwell and laundry room weren’t swept.

    Hopefully you get some decent sleep soon…


      1. I know that it might be difficult, but try seeing it from his perspective if you can. He’s obviously got some mental health issues that are not addressed, and therefore, not dealt with. I’m not defending him, I’m just saying that I can kinda relate to him a little bit, pre-meds


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