My neighbour can’t sleep & keeps dropping things and making noise, I said ” I’m trying to sleep” all he said was “yeah”. Now the landlord came up, asked if he was ok. Not 100% sure if I should even go pee, he took a lightly hostile tone saying “should I leave”? 

I’m not awake because of him, but tried to go back to sleep. Wish me luck… he’s in the kitchen. I got up to use the washroom and now he’s quiet. I want to know why it’s happening, normally if the other tenant is here he’s quiet. Why does it seem that people who have issues sleeping make noise & possibly wake others up? Do they feel entitled to make others miserable? Do they even know how much the noise effects others? I’ll never know these answers and that’s ok. Now I’ll have to be quiet during the day if he’s sleeping, why should I? I should because that’s respect, it seems hard for some people to grasp that concept. 
Now I’m up…wide awake, I’m keeping early morning radio host hours. It’s almost 4:30AM, that’s when they (early morning radio hosts) arrive at work. It’s now 20 minutes later and I’m drawing…

This drawing represents me at early o’clock! 

I got back to sleep and I’m fine, if this person ever talks about respect to me again…it won’t be diplomatic. 



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