Sweet as Candy (part 2)

I wrote part one because I greeted Candy & Denise at the airport, because of tight schedules and a gnarly storm,  windy snow/ice pellet mix, I didn’t get to officially say goodbye in person. Here are some photos and post.

Candy settles into the desk, where the magic happened.

The always engaging and fierce Candy Palmater kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout the show.

Dave Hamsted who’s a writer for one of my favourite CBC shows Still Standing. A show that celebrates small community living and finds. Now I understand why Still Standing is so awesome, it’s partly because the writers get right in the day to day of each place they visit and write a comedy show for the host.  He was my favourite, not because of the above but the flow kept me from falling asleep. I was tired, I was up since 5:30 am it was almost 10:30pm. It didn’t help that the man beside me was man spreading and I was feeling anxious. I know his husband from the car dealership my parents use. So I tried to not freak out sadly I had when I accidentally dropped my device and made him aware of the space issue. I took him aside after (the person I know) and said to him what I felt. He realized that it wasn’t normal for me and I apologized to him. You never know what others feel.

Frozen Charlotte, it wasn’t a fun walk home. I’ve never been this frozen even as kids I was smart to go in and warm up. I couldn’t stand it. I wasn’t far from home and seeked shelter in front of a church.

Post walk, I waited on the stairs to thaw out. I cried, it was that right through you cold.

Enjoyed the show from start to finish, Lars Cailleou just added me on twitter another highlight…I knew the name & Candy mentioned he’s been on the Debaters  (a CBC radio program). There were a lot of CBC affiliated comics and varied styles. It takes all kinds to make a show work.

Writing this while keeping warm, thank you Candy for the sweet memories.


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