Sweet as Candy (part 1)

I really pulled off a mini miracle. I’m not usually a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. In this post I believed & achieved! About 4:30pm (February 8th,2017) I face timed mom and remembered I was going over to have dinner, I’d forgotten until that moment. I told mom & dad about Candy’s  arrival suddenly what was coming out of my mouth was “I’d love to go greet Candy & Denise at the airport can you help a girl out?” Mom and I set off to the airport and… I got to surprise candy Palmater at airport arrivals (February 8) the look on candy’s face with an “oh my gosh” was the best feeling ever! Meeting Candy & Denise was truly a good choice in being spontaneous! I didn’t know until about 3 hours later that being spontaneous made my mental side tired. The emotional roller coaster, adrenaline pumping, nearly spontaneously combusting, to a sense of calm all in about 1 hour. It felt like my best friend had just arrived home

When I met Candy, mom handed her the gift I put together. It was an ornament letter C (red jewels) & a charm attached that said LOVE. If you know Candy at all you know she ends her shows with the quote ” One love”. I had that ornament out since Christmas time, I never put it back in the box of Christmas ornaments. I got the charm in a surprise bag from a costume jewelry store Christmas Eve. At this point I didn’t know Candy was coming to Moncton. I put it together mid January after I knew of Candy’s gig. I set some mini goals at that point, meet candy, be on her vlog and see her on stage. Two of three goals are now reality. I’ll tell you about the show (goal 3) in part 2.

Life really is sweet as Candy. I mean it from the bottom of my heart…look at her nails!



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