Milestones come & go some mean more, some less.

I realized as I was going through my finishers medals that Bluenose 2017 will mark 46-50 kilometres with Team CBC. Up to now that’s 5x5k and 2X10k.

I’ve done 3x5k, 1x10k at Legs For Literacy in Moncton, New Brunswick and 2X5k, 1x10k at Bluenose in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This race will mark my 14th 5k and my 4th year in this race. I also realized that it will be my 1st official nuun ambassador race. I’m certain nuun will be in my bottle, this race is usually one of the first very warm days of my race/training season. I also figured out that my race on September 15th, will be my 15th 5k. I have awesome stuff to look forward to in 2017. As of the time I’m writing this post I’ve decided to do 5k’s this year. I may change my mind but not right now.

Now I’ll explain, 5k to me is a wicked distance. The work load in 5k training is just enough so I don’t obsess over it. I start to second guess myself when I head towards a 10k. Even the best training plans can have a monkey wrench thrown in. Not everything will go 100% according to plan.

What I’m looking forward to is my bike, when I was training for my last 10k, I used the bike to improve my leg turn over rate. It worked, I came up with a personal best 10k. The only thing is, I don’t bike in winter, I start training mid February. Depending on snow melting the earliest I could get my bike on the road would be April, and that’s still pushing it.

Thinking of warmer days and training plans!

My Team CBC medals (2013 to 2016)

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