Power (in many forms)

Last week was a rough week in my area. Tuesday night (January 24,2017) we lost power, not by just any means…we lost power because of an ice storm. 

My brother didn’t get his power back until Saturday (January 28,2017) almost 96 hours later. I lost power Tuesday night and got it back at 6:45AM Wednesday (the joys of living downtown). I wasn’t fully operational when the power came back online. I had no cable, that means no internet or tv. 

The thing is I was at a taping of a local show on Main St (Tuesday) when power was cut off at my place. I walked home into the dark, the lights on Main St were on but not where I was heading. A lesson learned, carry your headlamp with you at a all times. I wish I’d of had it in my bag. I’ve never seen exploding transformers as I did when I was en route home. I thank the lucky stars I wasn’t near any of them as they were exploding. It felt apocalyptic. I dodged a few downed branches & got wet because of slush filled roads. I made it, there and back, in one piece. It normally takes me about 10 minutes to get where I was headed & back, but it took 20mins because of ice. 

The photos below were taken (Tuesday January 24)

The ice build up was nuts. 

The icicles froze in the same direction as the wind, it was blowing hard. 

This has been a week, I’ll never forget. 



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