First realignment of 2017

Like a flower in spring it’s never to late to find your inner blossom” ~~~Charlotte Flewelling

“I’m many things wound into one, the sum of my parts”~~~Charlotte Flewelling

These are two quotes that lead me right into my post…my first focus point of 2017. Mentally this is scary but something I have to do. To keep momentum from last year (last race of 2016 I got a 10k personal best) I set this goal and  plan to keep track of them. The goal is to PB (personal best) a 5k this year. I’m doing three if not four 5k events this year. My plan is to get back int running shape starting the middle of February. I do this every year, since I started running, because my first major event is in May. This year it’s may 20th. I’ll remind you that my first major is Bluenose, even after my Resolution Run, this  race normally starts the calendar year. See my first race was October 2013 and I consider that race to be my first race of my season vs the calendar year (hope you understand). I sit here and write this next sentence with one thing in mind…”no matter how crazy life gets, you’ll break a 45:36 5k in the 2017 calendar year”. The goal is set and I can’t wait to work hard & achieve it!

Run on & on,




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