Madness & marvellous Monday!

My week has been rough, disrespect and disagreements but none with me. Let me explain, since moving into the current living situation it’s been a learning curve. When do I complain vs let’s hope it stops so I don’t get equally as frustrated and not have a place to call home. I live in a house where I rent a room, they’re 4 rooms. The guy across the hall from me is not of right mind (who really is) he talks & answers himself can anyone figure this out (see photo). 

All actions are sounds,

All sounds are a simple action?

Side note but important piece of puzzle he was playing a keyboard. 

I caught the guy across the hall saying this. I’ve grown a tough skin, but this scares me. Manic? Two personalities? Personality disorder? From what I can gather it sounds like a person who’s not being followed for help and is crying out & can’t afford any extras. Can’t afford treatments. I’m very fortunate to be able to afford treatment and see my team on a regular basis. What I’m starting to sadly see is the highs & lows of illegal drug use. I’ve smelled & seen what’s going on. I’m not dumb. It’s a nice quiet moment, right now, you just never know. It’s effects are not just that person but everyone in the house. I’m not saying anything unless it concerns me. This just stinks. 

On the sunny side of life! If you don’t follow my other social media accounts (you should though) here’s the news as of Monday (January 16,2017 at 7PM) I’m a nuun (noon) hydration ambassador. I’ve been using this product since summer of 2015. It’s a low sugar (electrolyte) hydration tablet that you put in your water, it fizzes & creates yummy flavoured water. I get loads of sugar from my food & other beverages so this is why I love this product. 

This is a marketing scheme that works wonders…I love the product & love to represent brands I trust. I’m not the only one in my area either, various sports are represented. #TeamNUUN I’m a running athlete. There’s at least 1 more person in my province (I’m in Canada folks) that represents 3 since the inception of nuun ambassadors program. 

Proud to be part of the NUUNIVERSE 

Run on,


2 thoughts on “Madness & marvellous Monday!

    1. Not quite he’s not listening “he’s pulling ignorance is bliss” and turned the toaster to high (literally) I saw smoke (loads of crumbs) & turned it down (he left kitchen) only to end up in a fight. I believe that could be part of what set off smoke detector one night. I just closed my eyes and bam 💥 he wasn’t watching his food. I told him nicely, he’s just not getting it.


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