Emotions of motion (finish line) part 3 

Runway Run 5k finish 

When I see a finish in my view it motivates me to do some speed work. No matter the distance I always save some gusto for the end. 
My last race of 2016 was so windy at the finish I had to rip off my hat (so I wouldn’t loose it) & hold my tutu because I felt like I was lifting off. That was a magical moment because as I was getting closer, I saw my time & did some math (like I always do). My eyes bugged out of my head because I PB’ed my 10k at 1:37:30. A sub 1:40 folks, that’s right! I’ve never been so vocal at any of my finishes, I screamed in celebration “I just PB’ed my race”. What you don’t know this was my hometown race and I’m known by the race organizers (of course it’s all good)! It was followed by extreme shock and fits of tears. Later that day I had a concert to go to with mom it was a full day, with a wide range of emotions. 
The runners high, is a thing folks. It’s the emotions of a finish and a job well done or not. Now to set the newbies straight, runners high can come crashing down at any point. I’ll give you my best example, it was a sunny Saturday morning. I was racing a scenic 5k and up comes about 1k of this race, bam my snap holding my race number came apart. It took me what seemed like a long time (about 3 minutes) to find a pin and get my number straight again. Fingers didn’t want to work with me. After the race I found out I’d of PB’ed my 5k, it was a difference of 3 minutes. I got discouraged but learned that it was ok, I was still in my range of decent time and it was minor (in the large scope of things) what had happened. That burst my runners high, it was a struggle to the finish. Once again the finish line around the corner & then as it came into view, I some how snapped back into race mode. I did that finish my way (speedy legs and all)! No matter what adversity you face on the run, it’s fun to get speedy and go for the gusto. My lesson of this post is there’s only one speed that’ll get you from start to finish, that’s your speed. No matter how fast or slow, it’s the best speed going! 


5 thoughts on “Emotions of motion (finish line) part 3 

  1. “My lesson of this post is there’s only one speed that’ll get you from start to finish, that’s your speed.”
    Quite possibly your best line ever, CharFlew.

    By the way, saw “Patriot’s day” last weekend; I think you’d enjoy it.
    It’s a powerful film. Incredibly emotional but worth the tears.


    1. I can’t seem to muster up the courage, I know people who were there. As a runner I understand how discouraging any unforeseen event can really mess with your mojo. Thank my lucky stars all the people I know were safe & sound.


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