Emotions of motion (race & community) part 2 

During a race there’s a sense of everyone for themselves and a sense of getting to that finish in one piece. I’ve been humbled during a race by others encouraging me & I’ve given my share of encouragement too. For me during a race is a major head game, positive steps to move forward. Not 100% of the time does this work. 

Your mind processes everything possible from pain to pleasure, it throws you curve balls all at once while running. I’ve been on a 10k race with a blister at 3k (had done 5k the previous afternoon) and talked myself out of feeling pain. I’ve had to almost crawl up a steep hill at 7k on the way “home”to the finish line of this same race twice. At these times I somehow had a complete stranger give me encouragement just when I needed it. I talked myself up half of this hill with help at the start of it in 2015 (the last time I did a 10k at this race). The blister & need to crawl up a hill are put there for you to overcome. It’s how you overcome these “minor” issues that leads to great things. I can hear a collective “that isn’t minor” but really it is in the large picture. I run to get from point A to point B and try to enjoy the middle. Start to finish with the middle being the distance. 

This leads me to the running community. I’ll admit because of anxiety, I can’t get my mind around group training. I’ve been a solo runner since day 1 and it’s what I’m used to. I do like it when I see others training on my route. I wave or smile and usually a wave or sometimes a hello Charlotte comes from someone I know in the group. On the rare occasion if I’m running or biking certain routes I sometimes even may get a hug from a runner who lives in a neighbouring town (Diane). This is what the running/racing community is about, I’m also fortunate to know runners from places like our local running room store, moms workplace, social media runners (I meet many at races) and many other local runners (Moncton,Riverview & Dieppe). You start to recognize many people and slowly learn some of their routines (time of day, which days, which training groups, distance wise or with whom they run). Yes, if you train during days that run club is on you’ll get to know who & what level people are at. 

The focus is to get from start to finish but it’s how & who you surround yourself with that will get you from training to race day. You’re worth every step you take, solo or with a group. Run on…keep up the great work. 

Running on with you,


2 thoughts on “Emotions of motion (race & community) part 2 

  1. The running community is pretty awesome. We all look out for each other. I have received a lot of support from total strangers, and have been blessed to offer support to total strangers too. (hugs)


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