Blah blog…

This is how I started 2017…my current state isn’t even close to this. I’m hacking up a lung, just making it through the day is rough when your head is about to explode. My sinuses have been slowly acting up since Friday December 30th. Then when I thought I was in the clear 💥 BAM 💥. 

When I get sick, it hits me twice as hard than most. My depression kicks into overdrive and it makes life a bit more rough. 

I had no choice but to get out before the major sickness came, I needed milk, bread & water. I wish I didn’t move because I’m feeling exhausted. To avoid spreading sickness (as much as I can avoid it) I’m self quarantining myself. The 4 walls around me, may be the safest place for me (temporarily) but are also the scariest. There’s only so much I can do before I need a release into the world. My focus is getting myself to a place where I can go out. Even writing this post has me feeling (slightly) better. 

In good days & bad, 



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