2016 a look back

It ends where it began…moving. I moved out from the parental home January 6th 2016 and went into “special care” for my mental health issues. Then 10 months later (October 31st) I moved again, now on social assistance. I wasn’t even myself during these 10 months. I had a sense of freedom within the rules of my parents, when I was in care I had a to be back by a certain time and always tell staff where I was going. Even if I had no clue, that was a call for help that wasn’t answered. I had situations that occurred that I was clueless on how to handle them and got very little help or no help. Then it was said that I was doing the job of the staff, I’ve always helped and been kind but the others with their own issues saw this as a bad thing. One person digressed so badly she went a step back, it’s maybe what she needs but dragging me into her issues was mean and the staff never told me this. I found out courtesy of others in the house. I was pegged a gossip ah no, I’m far from it. I’m very humble and know when to brag a bit or keep my mouth quiet. 

This is where my running helps, it gets me out of my comfort zone just enough to keep hope alive and live a bit. Running and cross training by walking or bike riding helps me to be me. I’d be a mess without these meaningful tools. I’ve been blessed with many friends who keep up with my running and health related exploits via the internet and I am greatful. 

This Christmas I had my first major breakdown only to find a breakthrough. None of us know what the future holds but it’s a gift to share everyday and 2017 will be about exploring and adventure. Not knowing where I’ll be or what will come scares me,but now I realize we are all a bit scared. Let’s make 2017 a great year and I’m kicking it into high gear right off the bat with a 5k resolution run! 

Run on my friends and lets interact…on twitter @charlotteannef IG charflew23 



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