I had a Christmas breakdown and realize how fortunate I am. My first major Christmas breakdown, my parents would ask if I was ok, I couldn’t get the right words out. I was ok, only after because I realized how lucky & fortunate I am. Christmas 2016 was enough and just what I needed. 

I’ve come up with a simple realization 2017 will be brought to you by the words Explore & Adventure. I’m not wasting any time because 2017 will start with a run &  a renewed focus. A renewed focus that you’ll see more details about as the year goes on! 

May 2017 bring you all some happiness and gratitude towards what is. The PRESENT moment is a gift, don’t waste it. 

An early HAPPY NEW YEAR to my faithful readers & all who’ll stumble upon this post. 

I’ve always wanted my name in lights but I’ll have to settle for my first initial. 

Shine on, 



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