Tree of Hope (part 2)

I was suppose to finish this blog post last week, the power went out and I forgot about it until now. The second part of this blog is about a CBC reporter, Catherine Harrop. Over the last year Catherine seemed to be here and their in her reporting for CBC NB. I now know why, in late 2015 she was diagnosed with cancer and decided to undergo surgery & treatment. She had a choice to either go to Saint John or Moncton for treatment and decided on Moncton.  All the questions about how to survive & where to live come up, on one of her visits she hears about the Monseigneur Henry Cormier lodge. The lodge allows for family to be close without a lot of burden. You have to come from farther then 100k away to have a chance to stay at the lodge. Catherine is from Fredericton (far enough away). True to form Catherine documented the process and decided to share her stories.
At first she was overwhelmed but cool under pressure as the information tsunami hit during diagnosis. When she looked into it the lodge helped in many ways, an instant community to fall back on. With all the comings & going the personal touches made a difference. Even the small gestures meant a lot (hand on shoulder, comforting words of support and sharing of stories).

Has it changed her?  Catherine mentioned that she appreciates what’s been given to her through the journey and is constantly thankful for the support and love given to her. 

Catherine & her husband share the story of their time at the lodge live on air November 25, 2016 during CBC Moncton’s Tree of Hope radiothon. 

The moral of this post is, enjoy all the small things…because you never know. 



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