Project Nice List (Tree of Hope)

I started with a sweet treat, gave some freezer jam to the 2 amazing people who are running project Nice List thanking them for their own selfless acts. That’s where things are left the most recent challenges were a bit more difficult because I didn’t go to the parade (let kids in front) or buy a warm beverage for someone else or make paper snowflakes (I still might though). On day 2 thought I did my own thing…mom and I did. Every year the last Friday of November is Tree of Hope day. This starts the Holiday giving chain within all of CBC New Brunswick. The Dumont foundation benefits from the funds raised.
Stories of determination, hope, coming together & legacy. 
Hope = Jason Deroches being granted a wish that really only an exceptional person would give. He has the same type of cancer as Gord Downie of the tragically hip. He’s a fan of the band and tried countless ways to get a ticket to their Kingston Ontario show (The hips hometown). He asked on Facebook and got a response…the drummers family gave up their tickets so he could see the show and via crowdfunding the trip was stress free.

Determination = tour of Hope a 650k bike ride in just 3 days. It covers the entire province of New Brunswick & raises funds from the riders to the supporters. This is an exceptional group who understands that it’s key support to help others to keep fighting/surviving.

Coming together/humanity = community building, a yes there are still good people in this world.

Gratification = a Dr said when she hears back from patients I’m doing ok, she’s greatful to have played a role in healing or suggest a preventive measure for others.

Legacy = team building, respect for what is, advocacy, leadership, engagement and generosity.

Every year I’m surprised by something, this year it’s research. 2016 makes the start of a new research centre right in front on the oncology department. Research is the key to keeping up with the latest trends of treating/fighting cancer (vaccines & targeted therapies).

A patients story cédric a 5 year old has been battling cancer for 2 years (since age of 3). Cédric has a contagious smile with his brave and courageous spirit he can beat it. Currently cédric is in the maintenance phase of treatment where he goes for 1 round a month (until December 2017).

This is just one of the patient stories I heard…my next blog will have a CBC connection.



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