Social commentary (follow up)

The Starbucks grind…yes, I went there. I walk by that place many times & get the same feeling, why because I got kicked out of that certain Starbucks for sticking up for myself in April. There was 3 people who wanted to sit down, I had two spots, the mom left and that’s when it started. The daughter of the mom/daughter pair sat down and her husband got agitated at me for not sharing the couch, my space. She got mad (daughter) because I said no, then the person next to me said I’m sharing the couch and hell broke loose. I tried to leave & they said sit down.  The daughter told a lie to the manager & I got kicked out, according to Starbucks it’s been dealt with. It’s not because I should be able to go get my beverages. I mentioned to the higher management before this, one person who is an employee was not being fair and this is how I got treated. I got no answer from higher management for the second issue, and now I’m in a year long ban from that store “they can’t serve me” they said to my mom. Mom got the blah blah blah from the store manager. Store manager didn’t even listen to me from the start and didn’t give a…you know the rest (add your own adjectives). This particular employee even treated me badly when dad was around, they didn’t know he was my dad, and he knew exactly who treated me with crap. This is not meant to put people down, but these certain Starbucks employees shouldn’t be putting customers down either. It’s a gossip mill folks, think about that when you’re at any cafe. 



5 thoughts on “Social commentary (follow up)

  1. I’ve always made it a policy to never give Starbucks my business and my city only has one location, and it’s in a well developed suburban neighbourhood, so that always spoke to me about the target market. The Tim Hortons folks may as well as be heathen. In my new area downtown, I’ve come to enjoy a place called Coffee Culture and even though I do pay more for my dark roast, it’s the atmosphere and unlimited time to read my book in relative peace that I enjoy most. I think you got hosed personally…


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