Seeing things differently…social commentary 

Pre blog warning…I know I’ve been in some of these predicaments, I see them differently now. 

I know I may regret this post, but I have to write it. A social commentary of sorts. I normally wouldn’t do this but I need to get it out, here goes…I walked by my local Starbucks, look in the window (I was across the street walking to dinner), it seems that it’s full of elitist. I know it’s a downtown location and the majority of business people frequent it. This was just “after hours” for business people. I know, I’ve frequented that location as well. That’s why I’m nervous posting this. Some of the business people are also very good people but I noticed the expressions of those in the window. It seemed different, strange. I know we all have good and bad days, but the expressions were different. Keeping my eyes wide open. 

Things aren’t as they seem.



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