Adjust (many sides of now!)

☀️hasn’t been out for days…6:50PM feels like 2AM.

It’s been a week since I moved completely on my own…I’m adjusting well, considering the lack of sun. It’s been miserable…wet,cold and cloudy. My room is coming together nicely and as I sit to write this post, I look around finding peace with what is and will be “home”! It’s a big process to move but some things I’ve been missing, my coffee machine is one, my candles is another. My neighbour across the hall thought I was smoking pot…ahhhhh no it was a pumpkin scented candle (he needs to check his sense of smell). I need to give context, I’m the only lady in a house of 4 rooms.  One guy I don’t see much except when my door is open during the day and he walks by, the other gentleman I met while he was putting food in the fridge while I was in the kitchen and there’s guy across the hall…he’s the one I’ve got to keep my eyes wide open with. The moral of this post is it takes all kinds folks! 

One painfully slow step at a time. Yours truly, 


2 thoughts on “Adjust (many sides of now!)

  1. Sounds like a very interesting adventure. I’ve lived in a multiple unit building for over a year and a half now and I’m still trying to adjust. I’m glad you’re making some progress though, that’s always great to hear.


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