When 10k isn’t as it seems.

My blog post is meant to be fun, this was an honest mistake. The race committee has issued apologies for the mix up, now onto the story & photos. 

I was nervous going into my hometown 10k, once Friday evening came I was feeling much better. The weekend was brought to you by the letter W. Wicked,wild,wet & windy. We had a tropical storm hit us Thursday into Friday that didn’t let up until after my race on Sunday. Saturday was suppose to be the youth & family run, it was cancelled because of the weather with a promise to allow this years registration to be used in 2017. The clouds contained most of the rain up to Sunday, so I wasn’t wet on my run. 

Saturday was a fun day seeing good friends and familiar faces as I set off to the expo. 

Sunday came quickly and off I went, I started, raced and finished my way! 

Pre start

Start (I have no idea who took this photo, I’m glad they did though) 

During race

Post race photo shoot. 

Even with another race number malfunction (this time with a safety pin) I still achieved a milestone! I found out that the race was half a kilometre short, it was a 10k that was actually 9.5k. Either way I set a personal best even with the extra half of a K I’d still be under my 1:45:19 previous best time. 

The moral of the story is, things can “click” at any moment to make a special occasion even better even with upset or mixups. What an awesome way to start my 4th year running with a new Personal Best time and great memories. 

Putting one foot in front of the other, 



2 thoughts on “When 10k isn’t as it seems.

  1. Great job on your run! It’s hard when there are mishaps like the incomplete distance. The good news is that they owned up to it. I ran my PB half marathon two years ago and it was 300 meters over as the lead cyclist took us the wrong way within the first kilometre. We all noticed our Garmins were really off around 3k but kept going in hopes it would sort itself out. They didn’t acknowledge this mistake after the fact which really bothered me.


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