I brought you here to recap my 2016 season. It started on a cold February day… I supported Fast Eddy, who’s almost back home after a second cross country journey (out east & back out west). He did Canada twice while raising funds for Alzheimer’s & Breast cancer causes. It was technically the race I came third in but got turned around at a set of lights before the actual turning spot, so I gave my third place to the right person who did the entire course and got a difference maker medal for that small action. Then I took on Bluenose with Team CBC Halifax, it was made extra special because mom took part with me. The training took us all (parents & I) on some awesome adventures. We discovered 2 city owned parks and enjoyed being out in the fresh air (Mapleton Park & Irishtown Nature Park). I took part in a dream race the following weekend, a multi terrain 8k at the Hopewell Rocks (partly on the ocean floor of the Bay of Fundy). Onward & upwards to my summer race in Saint John New Brunswick. It was a special race because I was featured in a blog post called The Running Whys which lead up to this race. I got to meet 2 running whys contributors. One of them I got my finishers medal from was the official race Marshall and cheerleader. Just thinking about this makes me smile. Next up was something I didn’t think I do again…a multi Race Weekend (Tartan Twosome). Maritime Race Weekend was the highlight of the year, my parents were cheering on the runners with mama/papa pirate shirts I made. I dressed up in a tutu and pirate gear  (I had fun). The sunset 5k, was an emotional run, the night ended with fireworks and smiles. The morning came early and I did another 5k. The morning 5k didn’t come without complications, my race number button snapped apart during my race. I had my first number malfunction. I would have chopped off 29 secords from my personal best time, OH WELL. I know it can be done. I did another dream run and ran 5k on a runway at the inaugural Runway Run at the Moncton Airport, it was fun from takeoff to landing (start to finish). Now I’m 3 days from my last race of 2016, my 10k. My hometown race and TeamCBC. I decided to work up to it (10k) rather then chase away from it (2014/2015 10k was my first race of season). 

I can tell you I’m doing the resolution run (5k) January 1st,2017 and  I’m going back to Maritime Race Weekend in September (not 100% sure which 2 races I’ll do) a 10k could be possible. 

My 2016 kilometres raced (so far) are as follows…

1X3k Fast Eddy  3k

1X8k Rocks.       8k

1X5k (SJ).            5k

2X5k (MRW)      10k

1X5k (GMRLIA)  5k




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