Grrrrreat! (Taper madness)

Monday before a race means one of two things…I’ve got one training run left or it’s taper time. This race it’s taper time because I did some heavy lugging.  I moved 10 full bags of soil to put on the garden, my legs are just at a point of…well you know being strong !  img_4743Bluenose 5k with mom (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

img_4786-1Multi Terrain 8k (Hopewell Rocks)

img_5180Marathon by the sea 5k (Saint John NB)

img_5384Maritime Race Weekend Tartan Twosome (5kX2) (Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia)

img_5664Greater Moncton Romeo LeBlanc International Airport RUNway run (5k)

All these races have lead me right to where I want to be… my hometown 10k.


This is my last race of 2016, I’m about to start year 4. I’m in shock, running has become such a vital part of my being. In 2013 if you said i’d become a runner by years end I would have laughed at you. The one little spark became a key part of me. It took a health scare to become a super women. I’m proud of where I am, how far I’ve come & where I’m going.




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