Confess (the hidden side of me) 

I’m about to be bold and move out officially for the first time completely on my own. Am I scared not really, will it be a major adjustment yes. I’m still going to be in downtown Moncton but with a few more freedoms. The last 10 months have been rough, even with the good times running, biking adventures, being a super fan at the CBC APM and having a Méchante Soirée (taping of a French Variety show for Radio-Canada). 

The must eat between certain hours, curfews (even if I’m back before), the must tell where I’m going no matter what had me feeling trapped. I tried my best to adjust and it back fired, I asked if there were any positive points during my stay…no one answered me truthfully. I got kicked out of my current living situation because of anger…yes, but when you only get half a story and don’t hear the other side out I get frustrated. When I brought something up it was half looked at. When I told MY TRUTH, no one wanted to listen genuinely. I wasn’t going to compromise on my upbringing. I stood for what I considered to be right. When others make it all about them after they ask you for help and turn it around to say I was doing the staffs job frustrates me and this person got kicked out and moved to another place. I have a bigger perspective on the world. Understanding more then some people think. Once again, I won’t dumb myself down just to fit in. If that certain person didn’t want my opinion, she never should have asked. This person regressed to another level. I was truthful the entire time and I’m proud of this, did I get help…in some areas yes. I now know living with up to 7 others in one place isn’t for me. Most of the people I got along with, a few I didn’t understand and some shocked me. The moral of this past 10 months is never give up, trust is fleeting, be aware and never backdown on your truth. 

 One step at a time,



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