Keeping up (training edition)

My favourite trails to bike  (Riverfront Trail Moncton)

My basket holds a lot of stuff including coffee!

This is where I bike to…pit stop & return home.

The whole ride is about 10k return. I love the choice of taking the trail the entire route or skipping trail and doing part of it on the bike path (next to road). This has been my go to for training lately. 

2 weeks until  Legs For Literacy 10k. 

To say I’m nervous for my home 10k run is an understatement…I know I can do the distance but can’t get my mind over the route. It’s not the easiest, I have to go up a long incline (Vaughan Harvey Blvd up to John St.) I’ve done long inclines, they make me tired. In my previous 5k’s at this race I’ve turned at Main St. This year it’s not that easy I continue to John St. I’ve biked this road many times, my legs won’t forget that first time. 

The 10k route takes me to my old neighbourhood where I grew up, by my old elementary & middle school and not far from mom & dads place. They’ll be waiting for just under 2 hours for me, my personal best is 1:45:19! That was my first attempt at a 10k at Bluenose Marathon 2014.

I can’t mention my RUNaversary race without #TeamCBC. I mark this anniversary with my hometown team CBC and I’m looking forward to it (year 4). That blows my mind, I’ve been running for 3 full years. Running has challenged me, humbled me and taken me places I’d never thought of running in or at. I’ve made dreams come true, thanks to running. I’ve met great people who support and care about me & my running, it’s all about community and how you take part in it (I’m considered the cheerleader). Run on!



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