CBC APM reflections of a public broadcaster

When you see the logo of CBC Radio-Canada, it is extremely important that we can say that it’s reliable. Thoroughness, speed, evolution, checking on the part of CBC Radio-Canada is key.  The job of any media professional is to make sure that integrity is there. “Be first, but be right! À Rio, j’ai tweeté en Français et j’ai fait une petite faute. On m’a clairement dit qu’il fallait faire attention” Sonali Karnick in regards to a French tweet that wasn’t exactly right, others let her know to be careful. The message is key no matter the platform. 

It’s time to engage differently, simplify, empower and collaborate. “We have to open ourselves up to all those looking to help us rethink the way we do business,” says Hubert T. Lacroix. The key to maintaining a public broadcaster is to get people involved where you are with platforms that you enjoy and use (wherever, whenever with various formats). This is part of the 2020 strategy “In 2020 CBC Radio-Canada will be the public space at the heart of our conversations and experiences as Canadians”. 

Personal CBC app collection

The future of our public broadcaster is in the hands of millennials. “Moncton is one of the most modern multi platform stations across the country”. Said Hubert T. Lacroix. Local focus, more engagement, use of multi platforms and interaction is key to spread stories & ideas. This helps us to be better informed without loosing sight of bringing stories & ideas from Canadians to life. The key is to start local with a potential for a story/idea to become regional or national news. It’s all about the reach (how far a story can go). Always remember your roots (legacy) because the speed of social media is mind blowing. Social media is good for getting the what & when out, but reporters need to get out the why. Putting the humanness behind the story. Be the voice of a nation enlighten & entertain. 
This is the key to the future of public broadcasting in the world today. Keep going in the direction of your dreams, create and imagine. You’ll never know who’ll be watching! 
I wouldn’t have been able to see why I was invited, without understanding how my interactions (even the small ones) meant so much to CBC Radio-Canada. I’m part of a community of fans or as @CBCRadioCanada put it a super fan!  I understand that no matter what a public broadcaster is there to allow us a chance to get stories known and heard. Who knew my blog posts about running with a #TeamCBC here in Moncton or Halifax, Nova Scotia would get a following at the corporate level of CBC. 

May 2016, most recent adventures of #TeamCBC 5k in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Who knew I’d meet Denise Wilson, senior managing director (Atlantic region), who knew that the president/CEO Hubert Lacroix would randomly start a conversation with me about what device are you using just before the APM started. These interactions are what makes CBC Radio-Canada appealing and keep me coming back. I’ve grown up with CBC Radio-Canada. I learned French thanks to Radio-Canada. I for one stand up for and am proud of my national public broadcaster. I’ll shout it for the rooftops I LOVE CBC RADIO-CANADA (yes I used caps)! 

Hubert T. Lacroix just seconds before engaging with me. 


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