Run into Sunset & Sunrise (MaritimeRaceWeekend)

Things I learned at Maritime Race Weekend were the scenery can take your mind off pain & my first run number malfunction could have ended worse. The day before MRW was the anniversary of my maternal grandmothers passing. Each year as I get older, it gets harder not easier. I ran and enjoyed my Sunset 5k in honour of Eillen (GI) Melanson. Then the fireworks made me happy again. 

Pre Sunset 5k photos, a Selfie and a photo with mama/papa pirate. 

The experience of running have been amazing, this is just a bit more so. The atmosphere rivals that of Bluenose. There’s something about a large crowd that makes a runner scared, but excited. I met Angela & Catherine for the first time and saw my friends Andrew, Jenn, Kendra all from @RunAtCan, my Twitter running group. Off to the back of the pack I went and was off with gusto, along the route I got to shoutout a hello to Jarvis and Anna, Tracy,  more members of my @RunAtCan group. Then I got back as the sun dipped below the horizon. It took me 51 minutes (I did my math), I was right my time was 50:59 not my worse effort but not the best. I enjoyed the scenery and said to myself you’re going to be all business for the Sunrise 5k Saturday morning. 

Goodbye moon, hello sunrise! 


Pre sunrise 5k startline photo

I was damp because it was just that kind of morning, I had to shake out my legs and just focus. I did, also walked around like a zombie, I nervous ate Cheerios after my sunset race because we got back to our hotel later than expected. Not much sleep. Saw my friend Cath again she parked in the same parking area and Jeff another RunAtCan member, met up with White Rabbit Pacing a group of pace bunnies including more of my @RunAtCan group, Durwin,Sherry, Heather,Myles. Then took a walk off the plank to get to the start area. Finally we were asked to make our way to the start corrals, this race was a mass start. The last mass start I almost didn’t make it (PEI Marathon 2015). Made my way to the back of the pack and saw Durwin was pacing a group that was close by 35 minute 5k. Because I run, I wasn’t at the walkers only corral but I do take 35+ minutes to do a 5k. I kept up with Durwin for about 0.25 to half a kilometre. I was surprised I even did that, I slowed towards 1k. I had my first ever race number failure. My snap broke apart and I panicked, got my pin from the bottom of my race number & it took me 3 minutes to un do it and pin my number back on. That folks was 3 minutes of doom, there went my PB effort out the window. If I didn’t have the snap break apart, I could have a new 5k PB. My official time was 48:07. I’d of broken my PB by 29 seconds. Current PB is 45:36 from October 2014. I can’t say I didn’t try. This is the closets I’ve come, always something creeps in to halt the mind from giving me 100%. I was still within my second goal range of a 45-50 minute effort. I was pleased.  

I always have 3 goals, 45:36 or less for a new PB, then 45:37 to 50 minutes and just stop and enjoy the ride 50+ minutes. I had to enjoy the ride Friday, so determined to PB Saturday was an option. 

I set out for adventure, it’s what I got.

Big Skull was the sunset 5k and the rum jug was the sunrise 5k, for doing both you got a Tartan Twosome medal (compass)! 


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