Road to CBC APM 2 (Social feedback)

The feedback from my social streams about my posts regarding all things CBC is positive with a side of thought provoking. Some of my good friends think I work for CBC, but I don’t, just a big fan. 

From the beginning of my time on social media, I have been know to accentuate the positive even in the learning moments. I always am on the lookout for good things. This is the foundation of this very blog that’s now over 2 years in the making. I believe, it’s part of the reason I was asked to be part of the CBC APM as a social media ambassador. 

Sometimes my heart sinks for our local CBC in Moncton. Our city motto is RESURGO to rise again, the local CBC crew is 8 people, cuts run deep and still the CBC Moncton team always rises to the occasion. The move into a new space in 2015 was scary for all, including fans/friends of CBC Moncton. We thought we’d loose our station completely. I strongly believed then and continue to believe that the crew would rise again. It’s been over a year since the move, proudly the team is still plugging away each day with success. A team is only as successful as the base which it comes from. 

I know that the Moncton area is home to Radio-Canada Acadie and that’s part of me (learned French from watching Téléjournal Acadie & various other shows), but the support for CBC is deep. The appropriate saying is CBC Moncton is small & mighty. 

The photos were taken during the CBC Radio-Canada open house September 10,2016. 


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